View Full Version : Lylyth2 Feat + Assaulting Carniveans = profit?

05-25-2014, 01:56 AM
Now, I presume the answer is NO but I'd like to know for sure :)

If a Canivean assaults under Lylyth2's Feat, does it get to spray twice? Or even better: assuming it has destroyed all the enemy models engaging it when it charged and it has already made its assault attack, can it make a normal spray attack as a second ranged attack?


05-25-2014, 02:46 AM
Lylyth's feat gives the Carnivean an additional ranged attack - additional attacks can only be made during the combat action, and are limited to the kind of attack a model started out with during its combat action (in the case of a charging Carnivean, those are melee attacks).
Since Assault does not happen during the combat action, the Carnivean does not get another spray.

05-25-2014, 03:04 AM
Because models can't make both melee and ranged attack in same combat action(unless it says otherwise like as Virtuoso or Weapon Flatform), and because charge forces you to do melee attacks, the Carnivean can't take the additional ranged attack if it make either charge or Assault(it is also charge). You can still make an Assault shot before charge attack because is seperated with combat action, but it does not means that you can make the additional ranged attacks.

In Assault turn you can't make any additional ranged attacks, because you can does additional ranged attacks after you did either initial/special ranged attacks. After either initial/special melee attacks you can only make the additional melee attacks.