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07-15-2014, 05:49 PM
The rules for playing Guppy cards state:

When you press the action button on a Guppy card:

Move Guppy to any space with the component shown on the button.
If there is a part in front of him, put it in the bin.
Move the parts on the conveyor as far as possible toward the bin without changing their order.
Draw a part from the hopper and put it in the conveyor space closest to the hopper.

We came across a corner-case situation this afternoon. One player had pushed a Reverse button on the first turn of the game. That left the belt with an empty space in front of the bin. (In the lines below, a dash represents an empty space on the conveyor, and "P" indicates a part.)

[ BIN ] [ - ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ HOPPER ]

Another player then played a Guppy card and moved Guppy next to Part 4, which the little rascal promptly threw in the bin.

[ BIN ] [ - ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ - ] [ P ] [ HOPPER ]

Following the rules, we then moved the parts as far as possible toward the bin without changing the order.

[ BIN ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ - ] [ - ] [ HOPPER ]

According to the rules, we now needed to draw a part from the hopper and put it in the conveyor space closest to the hopper. But that left us here:

[ BIN ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ P ] [ - ] [ P ] [ HOPPER ]

That gap between the two parts closest to the hopper . . . well, it just didn't look right. My coworkers were both in front of the blank space, and I didn't feel this was the intent (and I knew the player who played the card wouldn't have played it had he known it would work like that), so I just slid the part near the hopper down the belt, drew a new card from the top of the hopper, and put it on the last empty space on the conveyor.

RAW says we should have left a blank space between part 5 and part 6, but I can't help but feel this is an oversight in the rules. The fact that the next paragraph in the rulebook talks about how you can resolve Guppy cards by pressing the buttons in order from top to bottom, even though no Guppy card is configured in this way, led me to suspect that these rules might have been left over from an earlier portion of playtesting.

Any ideas, players? Any input from the gang at PP?

07-16-2014, 08:42 AM
While I can't claim perfect memory of playtest from 2009 (or was that 2008?), I do remember that previous versions of the Guppy rules were even more disruptive than the current ones. We toned him down to the version you see now, but he's supposed to still have the potential to be annoying and disruptive to gameplay. Your interpretation of the rules-as-written match the final rules-as-intended.

That said, the most important thing is for the players to have fun, so any consistent ruling that you guys enjoy is perfectly fine. If you don't want Guppy to ever have the potential to create gaps like in the described situation, your solution is a great way to prevent that.

07-16-2014, 07:14 PM
Much appreciated, DC! We found Guppy to be a lot of fun. I think more disruption is a great thing, so I think we'll just let him leave gaps all over the place if the situation calls for it.