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11-10-2014, 04:46 AM
Had a situation yesterday where a Ghordson Basher slammed Ol'Rowdy through Stryker. Ol'Rowdy was about 2" away from Stryker at the beginning of the slam. The slam distance was a total of 6".

Ol'Rowdy's affinity reads:
"When BTB with Rowdy, Stryker gets +2DEF against melee attack rolls and cannot be knocked down. While BTB with Stryker, Rowdy does not move when slammed"

Considering that Ol'Rowdy was in motion at the time of becoming B2B with Stryker, would this mean that he would stop being slammed...mid slam?

The way I see it, Ol'rowdy would need to be in B2B prior to being slammed in order to gain the benefits of the affinity, but we played it that he stopped mid slam.

We have search through the forums, but were not able to find anything solid. Anyone able to clear this up some?


scout's honor
11-10-2014, 04:50 AM
The moment he bumped into Stryker Ol'Rowdy was already slammed. The slam itself was done, and at the moment of checking if he was an eligible target for a slam he was one. The consequences of being slammed are resolved normally, including being moved a certain distance. Stryker doesn't get knocked down though - the moment you check if he would be he is B2B with Ol'Rowdy, so protected from being KD'ed.

11-10-2014, 04:53 AM
The game term while means that as soon as that game state happens, you trigger the rest of the ability. As soon as the game state changes, he loses that ability. So you played it correctly.

If the rules stated, "When slammed, if Ol' Rowdy is base-to-base with Stryker then Ol' Rowdy does not move," then your first interpretation would be correct.

Does that make sense?

11-10-2014, 05:30 AM

Being Slammed-
"A slammed model is moved d6: directly away from its attacker and is then knocked down... A slammed model moves through models with smaller bases than it's own. If it would end up on top of a model, follow the rule of least disturbance (p. 64) to move the models into legal positions... If a slammed model contacts a model with an equal-sized base or moves through a model with a smaller base, that model is knocked down and suffers collateral damage"

Ol'Rowdy's affinity-
"When BTB with Rowdy, Stryker gets +2DEF against melee attack rolls and cannot be knocked down. While BTB with Stryker, Rowdy does not move when slammed"

Just trying to wrap my head around this interaction... I have tried searching some old posts, regarding the rowdy/stryker slam.. some say that Rowdy will keep moving past Stryker, the full slam distance, knocking both down and the end. But, if the slam ends with Rowdy in B2B with Stryker, then affinity kicks in... and some posts stating that he stops mid slam... and most of these older posts are still open.

So, Ok, I can kinda see that Stryker would not ever get knocked down, due to the "being in B2B with Rowdy" while Rowdy is moving through him. But does also mean that rowdy will never be able to be slammed through Stryker regardless of the distance even if Rowdy was not in B2B with Stryker?

Sorry, like I said, I am just trying to wrap my head around this interaction, and right now, its all about as clear as mud...

11-10-2014, 06:37 AM

scout's honor
11-10-2014, 06:48 AM
So, Rowdy gets slammed through Stryker instead of being stopped when he gets into B2B. Thanks for the confirmation, DL.

11-10-2014, 06:53 AM
Ok, thanks.