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03-03-2015, 12:35 PM
Here's the situation: spray into a group of Bane Thralls + UA. Do lethal damage to 2 Banes and the Tough-granting flag.

We were a little confused on how to resolve it. Granted: Tough says "while this unit is in play, models gain Tough". We figured that since Tough triggers on Disabled (or Boxed? something early in the sequence), we'd resolve all the Tough rolls as though the flag wasn't even part of the attack. I'm pretty sure that's right?

The other thing that came up was that the only grunts within Take Up range of the flag were destroyed by the spray. We hadn't had this matter before so he did a Take Up from flag to Grunt A, then another from Grunt A to Grunt B (not part of the attack) as we did the rolls in sequence. I'm pretty sure the flag and Grunt A should've been destroyed simultaneously so he would'nt've been unable to pass the flag down a chain, but we weren't being careful enough with resolving the attack simultaneously to notice.

03-03-2015, 12:40 PM
As far as I am aware:

1) Yes, all models affected by a simultaneous attack would get Tough as the Granted: Tough model doesn't leave play until it is destroyed, which happens at the end of the simultaneous attack if the model is destroyed.

2) You are correct - as it is simultaneous, and not sequential, the Take Up would have to be a model within 1" that is not destroyed as part of the simultaneous attack.

03-03-2015, 02:07 PM
Be careful wording this as Take Up. Take Up is a different rule than what Standard Bearers have. With Take Up you remove the model that is dying instead. With the Standard Bearers you replace the Grunt with the Standard Bearer model.

Take Up does not move where the model is (like most weapon attachments), it removes a different model instead (think of it as running over to pick up the weapon from a dead ally)

Standard Bearer/Field Promotion actively changes where the model with the special rules is (think of it as the Standard Getting blown into the air and being caught by someone else, for Field Promotion it is more that the next guy down the line is suddenly in charge because of a death. He didn't move any, his boss just died)