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03-30-2015, 06:15 AM
I've run into this problem: I activate Kraye, pop feat, then activate a jack (lets say a Stormclad) with full tilt: it starts into Kraye's control area (so he can charge for free, gets +2 movement, and so on)... it charges and after the charge movement it's no more inside Kraye's control area (let's say it charged the full 15" it can...): will it get boosted attacks (because it STARTED the activation inside Kraye's control area) or not (because it's NO MORE inside Kraye's control area)?


03-30-2015, 06:26 AM

03-30-2015, 06:26 AM
If they are in his control area when he pops his feat, they will still have boosted attack rolls if they leave his control area. It does not say that they gain it 'while within' his control area, only that they gain it if they are affected by the feat when he uses it.

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03-30-2015, 06:27 AM
Does the feat say "while within" or "currently within/beginning their activations within?" If it's the former then it would not gain the feat boosts. If it's the latter then it would still benefit from the feat.

03-30-2015, 10:26 PM
thanks for the quick answers!

03-31-2015, 07:40 AM
Note the key part of the wording "Model currents in". As noted by Dark legacy's link, if you feat, and then move Kraye so that a Jack is in your control area they WILL NOT gain the benefits. They must be in the area when he uses the feat, not when they activate.