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Did this up while creating some background for my army and it's future evolution.
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The Brownwater company is the privatized arm of the Cygnaran. Fully funded by guild associates of the Royal Cygnaran Armory, Brownwater normally maintains a brigade-sized force that operates free of Cygnar's chain of command and tasked with protecting the foriegn investments and resources of the guilds who supply the Royal Cygnaran Armory with the means to create their advanced machines of war.

Brownwater employs hardened, professional soldiers to fill their ranks but due to their precarious position straddling national interests and their mercantile nature most of the soldiers they draw come from indistinct backgrounds. Storm knights and other warriors hailing from positions of power or title often refuse the generous offers from Brownwater and instead choose to serve regular military careers, putting honor, glory and public service ahead of cold, hard currency. Thus, the soldiers serving in Brownwater are more along the lines of frontline infantry. Many trenchers and long gunner riflemen who become embittered with their chain of command often find themselves at the doors of Brownwater and Associates at the end of their term of military service. After a taste of the bonuses and incentives that the company has to offer few ever look for work any place else.
Because of the lack of quality officers within the company Brownwater often finds itself outsourcing to the Cygnar military or other 'means of military directorship'. While some may argue that not having a figurehead for a military organization will lead to conflict and disorganization Brownwater has turned it distinctly to their advantage by supplemening whoever is currently running their operations with top of the line equipment suited to their methods of warfare (military hardware is something Brownwater is in no short supply of).

With their connections to the Cygnaran Royal Armory and other smaller arms manufacturers, Brownwater troops are some of the best equipped troops on the field, often outshining their national counterparts in terms of fire support and warjack capabilities. Unique permits and decrees afforded to the associates of Brownwater allow them to requisition arms, armor and warjacks from the royal armory at cost. Because of this the company is constantly upgrading and retrofitting existing stockpiles of their equipment and 'redistributing' obsolete equipment to many of the mercenary companies currently holding contracts with Brownwater.

One of these such contracts involves a Gorman D Wulfe. Gorman has been hired on to not only as a contract, but is also involved in the research and refinement of Menoth's Fury (codename Mike Foxtrot). The associates of Brownwater have expressed a deep interest in securing and studying this resource then applying it's properties to prototype mechanika the royal armory may or may not be developing. While Dr. Wulfe can be a somewhat unreliable facilitator for experimentation, he has produced some valuable results in the field of controlled combustion. While there are no immediate benefits from this research in sight, higher ups in the Cygnar military structure are funding this research generously.

With the growing conflict on all of Cygnar's borders, Brownwater has taken a new stance on how they have employing their military. With Cygnar's inability to hold ground they have become a reactive unit, applying pressure to enemy logistics and supply operations.. The standpoint of the company shareholders is that if Cygnar's outlying resources are being endangered it would be in the best interests of the company to deny the enemies of the nation any resources along their contested borders as well. Since the adoption of the company's new strategic doctrine Brownwater soldiers are finding themselves leading raids and sabatoge missions from the bordertowns they are 'garrisoning'. Many speculate that this is a result from the many back room meetings company chairpersons have been holding with the Cyganr military. The company's former defensive standpoint is steadily evolving in to something more devious. With a smaller command structure and less logistics to interfere with deployment, Brownwater has become a highly mobile asset to Cygnar's defense. But, while operating outside of the military structure, the company has been known to use less-then-respectable tactics to meet objectives set before them.
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Company Protocols: Acquisitions Department.
As suppliers to the Cygnaran Armory, Brownwater owners take an interest in the resources of the Nation's current enemies. The liberation of supply trains and weapons caches has earned the company a reputation as land pirates and war profiteers but Brownwater officials insist that any resources acquired through their 'requisition teams' are bartered off to the country with negligible discounts. Items of particular interest to the company are foreign technologies. The company offers bonuses to their employees for the acquisition of strange war instruments such as Cryxian soul cages or operational Khadoran Beserker Warjack cortexes. This equipment is either sent to the Strategic Academy for study or booby-trapped and covertly reintegrated in to enemy stockpiles. The regulations of the Acquisitions Department is one of the driving forces behind the operational doctrines of Brownwater. There is a rumor circulating that Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane's rocket cannon is the result of applying Cygnar's technology to Menite Deliverer launcher tubes that were provided by Brownwater. Paperwork tracking ordnance after it leaves the aquisitions department after it leaves Blackwater storage facilities has been classified by the company's Chairpersons' so this rumor can not be confirmed
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