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09-03-2015, 06:29 PM
Not sure if I have all of this correct.

Merc Mule picking on some Trolls with his lobber. He has 2 focus
3 trolls grouped in front - troll A is in range, troll B beside him, and troll C about 3 inches behind A. all are 40mm bases
troll A is 10 inches away (Mule was stationary to get +4 inch range and aim)

Mule boosts attack roll on troll A and hits with doubles for a critical
Troll B is within AOE, troll C is not
rolling for "critical devastation" distance - 5
troll B is moved away 5 inches - no contact with other models, and suffers a pow 8 damage roll

troll A moves back and hits troll C
troll a takes a pow 15 damage roll (Mule's lobber), it is boosted (both focus now used)

Now I am confused about what else happens

damage to troll C from being hit by A and what pow is used?
any additional damage to troll A because it hit troll C? what pow for it?

I assume that all 3 trolls are knocked down.

Any help appreciated - thanks!

09-03-2015, 06:37 PM
Troll A takes a boostable Pow 15 with an additional die damage (from impacting equal/larger base).
Troll B takes a boostable Pow 8.
Troll C takes an unboostable collateral damage roll with a Pow specified by the Mule's Crit Devestate. I believe it's the pow suffered by the thrown model so 15.

Trolls A,B, and C are Knocked Down.

09-04-2015, 08:47 AM
Ah, thank you.

I believe that was how we handled it. I was playing my son (more experienced WM/H player than me) who was the troll keeper. I was confused about the collateral damage statement but my son and one of his friends came up with the solution. I was surprised at the amount of damage (wasn't expecting it) since it was in my favor. So that is why the question for clarification.

I will have to make more use of that Mule in the future!

Thanks again.