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10-04-2015, 04:51 PM
This is mainly regarding the new skorne character unit.
If the guy with combo smite has the flank bonus from one of his buddies, and charges and slams something at mat9 to a location outside of his buddy's melee range, into something with the same size base, does he lose the additional damage die from the flank bonus?
How many damage dice would he roll?


10-04-2015, 06:01 PM
Flank - When this model makes a melee attack against an enemy model within the melee range of a friendly model of the type indicated, this model gains +2 to attack rolls and gains an additional damage die.

As flank triggers when making the attack, it doesn't matter where the damaged model ends up (eg. outside of melee range of another model in the unit), you would still add the damage die. So charging, flank, slam into a larger base would roll 5 dice damage.

10-04-2015, 06:11 PM
Determine the Flank bonus for the attack roll based on the models' positions when the attack roll is made.

Determine the Flank bonus for the damage roll based on the models' positions when the damage roll is made.

Collateral Damage is not considered to be damage rom an attack or a model, and will not gain any benefits or penalties based on the model that caused the Slam/Throw that caused the collateral damage, such as Flank.

10-04-2015, 07:03 PM
Those answers seem contradictory

10-04-2015, 08:52 PM
Those answers seem contradictory

Leonard's answer is correct. A slammed model is moved before it takes damage, so if it would be slammed out of melee range of the other guys then flank would no longer apply when you make the damage roll.

10-04-2015, 09:01 PM
Cheers :)