View Full Version : Ayanna and firing into melee

10-16-2015, 09:02 PM
So I'm not sure where I saw this thread, but it came up in a game recently and thought I'd post this here.

Can Ayanna advance into melee range of her engaged kiss of lylyss target and get rid of the -4 to hit? I read a post somewhere that indicated that she cannot because she does not have a melee weapon and therefore cannot engage a model to avoid the negatives to hit. Is this accurate?


10-16-2015, 09:16 PM
A model that is "in melee" with the target of its magic attack does not suffer the "target in melee penalty".

A model is "in melee" with another model if either model is in the other's melee range - they do not have to each be engaging one another.

In your example, if Lady Aiyanna is in the melee range of, say, a Blighted Ogrun Warspear, she is engaged by that Warspear and is in melee with it. If she targets it with a magic attack, she will not suffer the "target in melee" penalty. Note that if the Warspear is also in melee with another model and the attack roll misses, you still follow the normal rules for (potentially) rerolling the magic attack against another model, per the relevant rules.