View Full Version : Feature request: Activating device not going to sleep in fight mode

10-22-2015, 01:38 PM
As the title says, sure it is possible to go in and alter general settings for a device but during fight mode I dont ever want it to "go down" as this slows down the game experiance and is also a factor why I dont use device in tourneys.

Lost Masquerade
10-23-2015, 07:40 AM
+1 to this idea!

10-23-2015, 08:05 AM
So the honest truth is we're very leery about playing with users power savings settings. It sounds great in theory but in practice there are some issues. To do it, we need to change a core system setting. That's our access to that feature. There are cases where, once we've changed that setting, the user can leave War Room and the setting would not get toggled back. Then their device is left not going to sleep and their battery drains. Additionally not all devices allow us to do this, some prevent it.

So we end up with a feature that sometimes doesn't work AND can accidentally leave a device in a state that drains more quickly than it should.

In the end I'm afraid we're likely going to to need to leave it up to users to adjust this in their system settings so they know how and when they've adjusted it.

10-23-2015, 10:18 AM
Thank you for a good and explanatory answer, much appriciated. Just thst that Id ask since there might have been a possibility to implement a button that makes the (ipad in my case) think it is being used and not go to sleep.