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04-04-2016, 10:07 AM

Ryan is part of the Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team, she has a attack call "Mage Storm" with the follow description:

Mage Storm (*Attack)- Make a ranged attack with this weapon with AOE 4. Models hit suffer a POW 12 magical damage roll. The AOE is a cloud effect that remains in play for one roud. Models entering or ending their activation in the AOE suffer a POW 12 magical damage roll. Tis model does not suffer damage from Mage Storm.

Last friday one friend in our game group, point that every AOE attack has direct damage and blast damage.

The MKII rulebook deal with AOE´s in pages 58 and 59 in this lines:


An attack with an area of effect is sometimes referred to as an AOE attack. a ranged attack with an AOE is ranged attack. A magic attack with an AOE is a magic attack. A melee attack with an AOE is a melle attack. An area-of -Efect attack, such as from an explosive spell or a gas cloud, hits every model in an area centered on its point of impact.

the attack covers an area with a diameter equal to its area of effect (AOE). Templates for AOEs appear on p. 255.

An AOE attacks follows all normal targeting rules. A successful attack roll indicates a direct hit on te intended target, wich suffers a direct hit damage roll of 2d6+POW.

Center de AOE template over the point of impact - in the case of a direct hit, the center of the targered model´s base. every other model with any part of its base covered by the AOE templates is hit, but not directly hit, by te attack and suffer a blast damage roll of 2d6 + 1/2 POW"

So, we have 2 posible views on this matter:

1.- There is a general rule: an AOE attack has direct hit+ blast damage.

but the Mage Storm is a exception because:

* In the description it says "models hit suffer a POW 12 magic damage roll", it use plural in the word "models" and it does not said direct hit (only one model could have direct hit) so the MKII said that models hits by AOE attack are "model with any part of its base covered by the AOE templates is hit", so there is not blast (1/2 damage) and all models hit suffer te 12 POW.

* This argument is strengthened by the second part of the description: "The AOE is a cloud effect that remains in play for one roud. Models entering or ending their activation in the AOE suffer a POW 12 magical damage roll" It seems illogical that if the model was in the AOE at te impact time it suffers POW 6 blast damage, and if it enter later, it suffers a POW 12.

2.- There is no exception in the general rule "an AOE attack has direct hit+ blast damage." so with Mage Storm, model (not models) direct hit suffer POW 12, oters in the AOE suffers POW 6, and model entering or endind inte AOE suffers POW 6.

We argue like 30 minutes and decide to leave to a lucky dice roll, but we need your healp to solve this issue.

thanks for the help, and sorry for my poor english.

04-04-2016, 10:16 AM
The assumtion 1 is correct, so models hit by Mage Storm are just suffered by POW 12 ranged damage roll that is not the blast damage, and does not also suffers blast damage. The description of Mage Storm means that it is the exception of the basic rules. Also check the locked posts;



In this post, Lunatic Calm was Infernal when he wrote the post.

04-04-2016, 10:17 AM
Mage Storm overrides the general rule of "everyone in the AOE except the direct hit takes blast damage."

Only one POW 12 damage roll is applied to every model in the AOE. It is not blast damage.

04-04-2016, 10:23 AM
1 is correct. Mage Storm (and a few other abilities and spells in the game like it) do not inflict blast damage. It specifically states that "Models hit suffer a POW 12 magical damage roll".
Here (https://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?136086-Breath-of-corruption-question) is a locked thread that that covers the same question for the spell Breath of Corruption (which also is an AOE that specifically states that models hit suffer a POW 12).

Edit: Took too long to type my message and was beaten to the answer not once, but twice!

04-04-2016, 12:26 PM
I learned this one the hard way in my very first game ever of warmachine. Also my first classic warmachine moment of "what? That's so unfair, that model doesn't follow the rules!"

04-04-2016, 01:45 PM
thanks all for the help, i will share this post with my parners.