View Full Version : Lylyth3: Death Chill vs. Incorporeal

04-07-2016, 09:15 AM
All right, this is probably an obvious question, but it seems worth asking anyway.

Lylyth3's feat:

When an enemy model is directly hit by a ranged attack made by a friendly Faction model while the friendly Faction model is in Lylyth's control area, the enemy model suffers Death Chill.

Incorporeal, trimming it down to the relevant bits about what does and doesn't affect an Incorporeal model:

This model suffers damage and effects only from magical weapons, magic attacks, animi, spells, and feats and is immune to continuous effects.

So my question: A model that does NOT have a Magical Weapon, such as an Angelius, fires its ranged attack at an Incorporeal model while Lylyth3's feat is active. If it hits, I know the Legion model will not deal damage. The question is, would the Incorporeal model be affected by Death Chill?

04-07-2016, 09:29 AM
Yes. Death Chill is a direct result of the feat, so it gets applied. Treat it like "When <condition> is fulfilled, feat does <this>."

If the feat said something like "...weapons gain Death Chill. (When Blah blah blah...)" that would not trigger unless it was from a magic weapon, because the weapon would then be the source of the effect."