View Full Version : Does the Boost from Firepower apply to Slam Damage rolls (Thumper Crew)

04-10-2016, 09:06 AM
So I said I would post this awhile ago but eh, life is busy.

Momentum - Instead of suffering a normal damage roll, a small- or medium-based, non-incorporeal model hit by this attack is slammed d3" directly away from this model. The POW of the slam damage roll is equal to the POW of this weapon.

Armory Objective has the rule:

Firepower - While within 4" of this model, light artillery gained boosted ranged attack damage rolls.

Does Firepower apply to the Slams generated by the Thumper Crew since Momentum states that you replace the normal damage roll with a Slam?

To pre-empt since it was mentioned before. Horgenhold Forge Guard add a die to Crit Smite. But that is because Weaponmaster states - When attacking with this weapon, add an additional die to its damage rolls. So weaponmaster applies to all damage rolls with the weapon.

04-10-2016, 09:16 AM
Firepower just said that it boosts ranged attack damage rolls, not only normal ranged attack damage rolls. Damage caused by Momentum is caused by the ranged attack, so Firepower will applies on it.

The collateral damage is not considered as ranged attacks(because it doesn't considered to be damage from an attack or model) thus it is not boosted, but the basic damage roll itself will get the bonus from Firepower.

Also, by the same reason abilities on the weapon that make the power attack like as Horgenhold Forge Guard's Critical Slam or Knights Exemplar Seneschal's Chain Attack: Smite also gains Weapon Master(or Magical Weapon quality and anything that applies on the weapon's attack) as well because it is the weapon attack; it is the exception of the normal power attack rule because it is the part of the weapon attack rather than resolved independantly.


04-10-2016, 11:04 AM
Alright followed a bunch of links, I wasn't clear before that a ranged attack could also be a slam but that appears to be the case. The replacement was my concern. Apparently this came up several times with Ossyan (sp?)