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03-06-2017, 12:45 PM
Hello fellow Cryx players. I'm creating this thread as a place where we can discuss units and tactics for the army. Also so we can have a place that is our own. As interesting things emerge in this thread I'll update the op since we wouldn't want this to become a hot rats nest.

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03-06-2017, 01:06 PM
i was half tempted to get our old stickies and try and combine them into a mega thread to get a bunch of info in one place. to then, maybe have it stickied.

bc i dont understand how people will be able to wade through all the other factions questions coherently to find anything relevant to them. are people really expected to make a new thread about every question even if it was one page down? this subforum will probably move quick once people start using it again.

was the search function fixed?

find out on the next episode of the PP Forums.

03-06-2017, 01:09 PM
They won't this forum will eventually turn into a hot french toast mess of Khador threads bumping troll threads.

Thats why I'm hoping to keep the first post updated. It'd be nice if someone could click on this thread because they want to know about Gaspy and have two or three links readily available on *GASP* Gaspy.

03-06-2017, 01:15 PM
bfdhud - I will go ahead and sticky this for you folks :)

03-06-2017, 01:17 PM

Thanks. You're always welcome in this shindig.

03-06-2017, 01:40 PM
It's not the only one I saved, but that one is a horrible pile of... you get the idea.

03-06-2017, 01:58 PM
Please get the awesome resource back up and running. I miss it already!

04-06-2017, 11:06 AM
please return that sweet goodness.