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Bloodsplatter artist
03-06-2017, 08:16 PM

The MK 2 boot camp (https://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?7043-Boot-Camp-Mark-II) was a huge help when I first started playing this game. Unfortunately with the release of MK3 the old boot camp has become rather outdated. JamesDiGriz did an amazing job collecting and formatting all of the information in the last article and I hope to maintain much of his design in this attempt.

People looking to add potential content should follow the same recommendations as our previous bootcamp including:
1) Using a clean article format such as the one used by Mutton in Mk 2 or 6_focus's recent Jakes write-up.
2) Please limit any comparisons to a models MK2 iteration. We are now solidly in MK3 and knowing how models used to work won't help new players make informed list building decisions.
3) To add on to point 2, please do not submit any negative threads. I know we have some controversial models and newcomers should eventually be made aware of the model hierarchy. That said the goal of this tool is to discuss the best way to utilize a given model not whether or not it is the best model.
4) As of 01/05/17 we can now post direct stats of models to the forums. This should help make for cleaner guides to models. I've added a link to the new rules in the getting started section below.

This will be a work in progress thread for now as we have a limited number of updated primers for MK3. If you write a primer for a model or know of one that should be included please send me a message and I'll look to add it to the thread. I will also be playing with the formatting in the next few days so the general layout is subject to change.

It will be a bit of a WIP as I need to figure out how to reformat what I have saved as I can no longer just link to the original articles. I'll have to see how I can re-post the info.

Bloodsplatter artist
03-06-2017, 08:16 PM
Getting started:General guides on the game and forums.

Cygnar Battle College Link (http://battlecollege.org/index.php/Cygnar)
A quick guide to starting cygnar (http://blog.lightningshroud.com/2016/12/building-cygnar-army.html) ~By Pjolterbeist
Guidelines on Stat Card Use for WARMACHINE® and HORDES® (https://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?266853-OFFICIAL-Guidelines-on-Stat-Card-Use-for-WARMACHINE%AE-and-HORDES%AE)

Useful 3rd party blogs and websites
Lightning Shroud (http://blog.lightningshroud.com)
Courage of Caspia (http://www.courageofcaspia.com/)
Cygnar free forums (http://cygnar.freeforums.net/)

Bloodsplatter artist
03-06-2017, 08:17 PM

Artificer General Nemo
Caine's Hellslingers
~Ranged damage per points in Caine3's feat turn (http://lormahordes.freeforums.net/thread/228/ranged-damage-points-caine3s-feat)
Captain Allison Jakes
Captain Allister Caine
~Pjolterbeist (http://blog.lightningshroud.com/2016/11/tactica-captain-allister-caine-caine2.html)
Captain E. Dominic Darius
~luck god84 (http://luckgod84.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/theory-thursday-captain-edward-dominic.html)
Captain Jeremiah Kraye
~Ymihere (http://lormahordes.freeforums.net/thread/27/jeremiah-kraye-depth-analysis)
Captain Kara Sloan
Captain Victoria Haley
Commander adept Nemo
Commander Coleman Stryker
Commander Dalin Sturgis
Constance Blaize
General Adept Nemo
Lieutenant Allister Caine
Lord Commander Stryker
Lord General Coleman Stryker
Major Beth Maddox
Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane
Major Prime Victoria Haley
Major Victoria Haley

Warcaster Attachments

Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan

Bloodsplatter artist
03-06-2017, 08:20 PM
General Tactics and Strategies

A guide to Gunlines (https://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?270446-A-Gentleman-s-Guide-to-Gunlining-(and-how-to-stop-them)) by Octavius_Maximus

03-07-2017, 09:18 AM
From what I understand this is a perfect place for the Cygnar boot camp. It's all about game tactics after all.

02-01-2018, 06:27 AM
i dont know how play this game..can help me?

05-07-2018, 04:43 AM
I have not played WM/H since the MKIII release. Played alot in MKII and almost exclusively played Stryker2 and Caine2. I want to play something new. So I have chosen Sturgis as my new best buddy. I know he is not a top tier caster but I like the mental pictice of him just unleashing hell upon his opponents on the field...

What do you bring to the table in order to make Sturgis a viable caster?

Does he play as an assassination caster? (MAT7 vs. DEF15/16 casters is not the best, even with Snap Strike IMO)

He seems very anti-infantry with his abilities, but with the shift to larger battle groups in MKIII what do you suggest?

05-01-2019, 04:15 PM
Stugis is not only not a competitive caster but is single handedly the worst caster in the game Zakmahr.