View Full Version : Protecting Key Attachments

04-29-2017, 11:09 PM

So I just decided to take the plunge and try to paint up and field one of my long-time favorite units, the Horgenhold Forge Guard in my Cygnar army.
I'm thinking they might actually be pretty nice under Maddox, but of course they need the attachment that makes them Friendly Faction, Captain Jonas Murdoch.

The problem is, once Murdoch is sniped off the table, the Forge Guard become sorta...not so good, being unable to benefit from the extra armor/tough, or the extra POW on feat turn. So he really needs to stay alive.
I've never really played with attachments previously and am a total novice when it comes to planning on ways to keep him alive.
Any experiences or general "best practices" on keeping a vital yet vulnerable unit attachment alive and useful for the duration?

All help appreciated.

05-02-2017, 09:05 AM
Distance is key. Just as any Warcaster or Warlock's best defence are being out of range the same applies for attachments. LOS is also another key component. Remember that command ranges do not require LOS, so if you can keep them on the other side of a building or forrest without compromising your command range too much, do it. As for a scenario where you are only attaching for he sake of a feat, you may need to play the unit a little further back as a whole until you use it. Forge guard in particular already benefit from being base to base, so try keeping him behind a trio of them. If you are taking advantage of an upkeep spell, keep in mind that you can cast the upkeep spell on them while Murdoch is alive and continue to upkeep it after he has been sniped out. Hope this helps.