View Full Version : Departure From Canon, or: How Did Kreoss Immolate a Doom Reaver?

12-08-2017, 05:42 PM
No Quarter Prime #2, page 6.

Kreoss casts a spell at a Doom Reaver.

Exactly... How?

12-09-2017, 09:05 PM
Yeah that's something which shouldn't have happened. I think in the initial draft I didn't have him directly casting on them but then got carried away in the revision after I got feedback wanting Kreoss doing more magic. I guess we'll have to consider that a couple of those doom reavers had defective fell blades.

The Captain
12-10-2017, 07:40 AM
Early versions of Greylord-made replicas, of course. They got the "makes the wielder crazy" part right, but were still struggling with the "makes the wielder untargetable by spells" part, but as the blades needed field testing anyway, they decided to go ahead and distribute those early prototypes to the Doom Reavers they liked the least.

Also, on p. 19, Caine is controlling a Destroyer - or rather, you called a Defender (mentioned earlier in the same short story) a Destroyer. I believe this isn't the first time that has happened, either... but then again, we have more than enough shooty heavy jacks beginning with a De- in the setting that such slips are understandable. (Most of them are Khadoran, though; the Defender is sort of an anomaly. But considering that, unless my memory fails me, its design was inspired by the early Khadoran Destroyers in the First Thornwood War, it makes sense that its naming convention was imitated from the northern neighbors as well. Sort of.)

But every author makes mistakes, and nitpicking about them isn't really fruitful. Other than that, I very much enjoyed reading these fresh perspectives of the classic story. Escalation was one of my favorite game expansions ever because of the epic storyline and those colorful little missions in the game campaign, so this article series is bringing back lots of good memories.

12-10-2017, 08:07 AM
Sorry about that, Doug; I wasn't trying to give you a hard time. :)

It seems like that Defender/Destroyer slip -- or at least something nearly identical! -- happened somewhere in the original Escalation, if memory serves. Or some that was somebody Cygnaran ending up with a Revenger in a NQ story somewhere... Hmm.

The only problem with having ~11.5 years of Warmachine stuff kicking around in my head is that I'm starting to forget what happened where. :p

12-11-2017, 09:26 AM
The warjack naming thing has certainly come up before, though that's not one I commonly swap, so I'm a little surprised. I tend to have Defender and Destroyer rather firmly in mind, but I do think my fingers betray me sometimes. ("Wait, I didn't actually type that, did I?") I'll have to yell at my pesky review readers since clearly it couldn't have been my fault even though I wrote it in the first place. :)

It has more commonly come up for me with the names of the Protectorate 'jacks, which I'll admit tend to blur together in my head sometimes. But it can happen on nearly any similar sounding names, if I'm not careful. There was the time in Vengeance where I had Magnus controlling Revengers instead of Renegades, for example. That caused some confusion since some readers tried to come up with reasons why he'd have them, and certainly he seems the sort of character who might pull it off. But no, it was just a name substitution. I also think I swapped out Ravyn for Rhyas (or vice versa) at least once, which again is the sort of thing that can cause a weird mental image for a reader.

The doom reaver one bothers me a bit more, but I can see how that happened. While focusing on other aspects of the scene I just momentarily forgot about spell ward. I do think I've reached that age and we have so many names and myriad aspects of the setting and its factions that my memory can't hold it all at the same time anymore. Too bad I can't upgrade my mental RAM!

Anyhow these are the sorts of thing we hope to catch when rereading and proofing but sometimes don't. :(

Edited to add: I should also note I never mind when you guys point out mistakes like this. I feel chagrined, but I don't mind them being brought up. I certainly appreciate having sharp-eyed and diligent readers who keep us on our toes. I also get that sometimes it's unclear if something was forgotten or represents an intentional bending of the rules for story, which we certainly do regularly. We don't always stick strictly to the exact particulars of the in-game rules and there is a degree of narrative flexibility we feel at liberty to exploit. But on this occasion, it was a simple oversight. In my haste to have Kreoss performing like a warcaster, I overlooked an important aspect of doom reavers.

12-30-2017, 10:40 AM
Defective Felblades are a thing. I mean have you seen those few Doomreavers that wander about with a Greylord Adventuring group? Felblade doesn't even send them into the screaming pit of insanity most Doomreavers tend to descend in to. Made for some interesting discussions around the Greylord dinner table. They even took the Doomreaver in and had her blade changed over with one of those newer models out of *****...seems it might be defective Doomreaver rather than the actual blades. Because this one doesn't seem to be working either... As for her old Felblade, they chained that to a 'fresh recruit' and he was a slobbering mess within the fortnight!

Further reports to follow. ;)

01-13-2018, 05:10 AM
Felt so cheated while reading this part in NQ2 :D. Doom reavers are probably my favourite unit in all of Warmachine so that really triggered me :)

But mistakes do happen, so it's OK :) Hope doomies will get to shine on the pages of some future material for the narrative ;)