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08-02-2010, 09:25 AM
Here is a short story i cooked up. After getting my a** kicked by eSorscha and her stike force, I decided to write this. This gives a clue on to what my next warcaster purchase is. Enjoy :)

The following takes place at the Ruins of Kolska, in occupied LLAEL

The hulking red mass of the juggernaut stood over the lifeless body of Vindictus with a sense of accomplishment. The few Choir acolytes near him scattered to nearby forest patches to try to escape a swift death by that hulking machine of destruction. Sorscha, standing on a ruined pillar in the distance gave a mental command to the jack, telling it to leave them. Sorschas strike force gathered and pressed onward toward hierarch Severius? northern crusade. As the shaking ground of the warjacks slowly disappeared, the choir acolytes rushed towards their fallen warcaster in disbelief. The warpriest removed Vindictus? for-arm gauntlet and checked his vitals.

?A pulse!? he exclaimed in amazement.

The warpriest and acolytes tried all they could to try and hoist him onto their shoulders, but his weight coupled with his unique armor prevented them from doing so. Then the ground around them started to shake and vibrate. One of the acolytes turned around to get an idea where it was coming from. Soon the clanking of a boiler could be heard, they all looked this time.

?Praise be Menoth, it is the Refuter? said the warpriest. ? Quick, use your robes, bandage his wounds, and stop the bleeding!?

The protectorate warjack was upon them now; it looked at Vindictus with no emotion. The fire started to pick up and the sound of expanding metal around the boiler was heard. The Refuter was not happy about this at all. With one motion, all of its mechanical fingers opened, his Consecrator dropped with a magnificent thud as cinder and ash fell from the openings in the gigantic weapon. With a gentle hand, The Refuter picked up Vindictus, and propped his body in a way where his torso lay in his palm and his legs dangling several feet above the ground. They all new they must hurry back to the nearest camp and get him medical attention. The Refuter?s fuel load would only last another hour at best.

They started down the road towards a camp that they new was close. The choir sang to the warjack continuously to try and squeeze any last will the machine had out to save the warcaster. Then about an hour later they finally reached the camp

? Menoth be praised! We have made it in time!?

Just as those words were spoken, the fires of the Refuter went out, as the glow in its eyes slowly dimmed, his arm slowly lowered the warcaster into the arms of the medic on sight. The massive warjack shut down, A crew of Vassal mechaniks rushed towards it and started repairs, and prepared the fuel load for the next activation. As the Medic and his assistants hoisted him onto a movable cart, the menite warriors watched and said prayer as Vindictus was rushed into a medical tent.

By nightfall, the smell and crackle of burning fires filled the camp.

?Your lucky to be alive, your power field and your spell absorbed most of the blow, but the axe did break most of your ribs, We stopped the bleeding around your chest.?

Vindictus? helmet turned to the medic.

?My gratitude towards you and your assistants will be forever. It was by Menoth, Menoth was watching me this day. Praise be to him!?

The medic followed in praise.

A low-pitched hum of chatter could be heard outside the tent. Excitement was in the air. Menites were speaking but Vindictus could not make any of it out. The tent door flapped open, just as a red and gold embroidered carpet rolled in. The medic immediately dropped to his knees and bowed.
Hierarch Severius walked in.

?Your Holiness! What are you doing here? Shouldn?t you be in Leyrn?

? I should, but as you can see, I am not. The Harbinger had a vision, a vision of pain in the west. You are in the west. It apparently involved you. What transpired here Scrutator?

? It was that Damn woman?. Sorscha of Khador. Her Strike force made a mockery of my guard retinue? She will pay.?

The Hierarch let out a sigh of breath.

?Yes, I know how difficult she can be? But do not worry, your injuries will be avenged.?

Vindictus sat up on the table, hiding the excruciating pain in his chest.

? I, I will have revenge??

Vindictus? helmet raised.

? The Refuter! Where is it!?

Severius calmed Vindictus.

? The Refuter is fine, repairs are finished. If it had not been for this warjack, you probably would have died.?

Vindictus slowly slouched back down on the table, relaxed and calm.

?That warjack, I owe it my life.?

A messenger marked with appropriate seniority to talk to the Hierarch walked in and whispered into his ear. Severius chuckled under his mask.

? My scouts have spotted Sorscha?s strike force not far from here. She will burn for what she has done to you.?

Vindictus got up quickly, grunting in pain.

? I want to kill her myself!?

Vindictus fell to the floor coughing and squirming.

?You are in no condition to fight now Scrutator, I have made it my business now.?

Severius walked back out of the tent swiftly and started to bark orders out.

? We will leave at dawn. You, Mechanik, Ready the Refuter! This wintery woman must die?

A loud yell of anger could be heard from the medical tent.


Tell me what you guys think :D

08-03-2010, 06:30 AM
Pretty cool short story. You got writing talent. You should make your own stories and sell them. Maybe your the next great fantasy writer?