View Full Version : The Smell of Sulfur. short

08-31-2010, 09:59 PM
Bored so i wrote this in about an hour or two. not meant to be a full story.

It was a cold and cloudless night in the Thornwood forest, I could hear the boom and rumble of an endless raging artillery barrage in the distance. It made it hard to sleep. I turned to my side, away from the flashing lights.

"Fire!" Officer Collins commanded in desperation. The roar of our rifles almost drowned out the screams of our victims. I started to pull back the lever with practiced, almost mechanical dexterity. We were all desperate, the Khadorans were getting close. There was an endless tide of red charging our position, and we could'nt keep up with the numbers, pretty soon we would be overrun. As I lined up another shot there was a huge BOOM, dirt and mud was spewed from the earth like a volcano. I was knocked to the side like a rag doll, I couldn't breath the shock wave was intense. I looked around and all I could see was smoke, the smell of sulfur, the soft rumble of gunfire, I was in another world.

Moments later i was picked up by O'Donnel "You okay?!" he shouted at me. I shook myself out of unconscious stupor and nodded. He handed my my rifle and went back to shooting though the smoke. "Collins is dead! were retreating!" I bent down and coughed up some blood and wiped away the sputum running from my nose. I looked around to see that most of the other longunners had died or were running. I slowly picked up my rifle and readied it against my shoulder. Suddenly time slowed down, there was a blue glow surrounding me and the others. I aimed at the closest Khadoran, pulled the trigger and watched in slow motion as the bullet pierced his forehead.