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09-03-2010, 11:33 AM
The situation: Unit passing through a pistol wraith and out the other side, pistol wraith chooses to take free strike. Essentially me and my opponent realised the pistol wraith was going to become corporeal, so we figured you would use the rule where if two units end up ontop of eachother, you move the offending unit off of the other models base by the shortest route. The reason we had a problem was because we wernt sure whether the pistol wraith would become corporeal BEFORE the offending unit left its front ark, or after.

The reason this matters because if the pistol wraith becomes corporeal while the unit moving through it is in its front ark, the other unit would get pushed back, and then blocked by the pistol wraith from moving, if the wraith becomes corp while the other unit is in its back ark, it would get shunted forward.

After consulting the rulebook we were really confused, because for a unit to be allowed to make a free strike, a unit must move out of a units melee range (therefore be outside the melee range for the free strike..but then how is the unit even hit!?), a line under the book says the free strike is made before the other unit leaves melee range, but then how is the free strike triggered, if a unit hasnt actually left melee range yet?

any help sorting this out would be greatly appreciated.

09-03-2010, 11:41 AM
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You make the freestrike, and the model keeps moving, without displacing anyone.

The freestrike is not made with the model outside the melee range: the freestrike is made at the moment the model is about to leave melee range.