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Warmaster Toruk
09-22-2010, 05:39 AM
This is a Fan-Made Faction I made for HORDES, read if you want to know more:

The Draconian are spawns of Lord Toruk, the Dragonfather. These creatures walk 3 meters tall, with thick black scales, glowing yellow eyes & the strength to punch through a mans torso, brake an Elves ribcage with a single swoop of his tale & their claws can tear through steel. The Draconian accelerate at rushing towards their enemies with their full might & strength to annihilate all who stand in their way.

There are 3 Draconian Subspecies:

Drakes are about half a meter tall, they are weaker & nimble compared to their Draconian relatives, but they are faster, more agile & smarter. They are great at scouting an area or plotting a plan.

The Razgar are Draconian who were mutated by Dragon magic & had gained wings, which makes them great hunters & warriors. They are skilled at hunting down their prey, be it animal, or human.

Dragonkin are Draconian who were mutated by Dragon magic and had became larger, tougher & stronger, but their brains had degenerated and are now used by their brothers as Beasts of War.

These are the Beasts they use:

Raptors (a.k.a. Draconian Hounds) are fearsome beasts which are tamed by the Draconian to serve as Dogs of War. They resemble the Draconian a lot, and some think that the Draconian had evolved from these creatures (or mutated by means of Dragon Magic to serve Toruk as his personal army).

Dragonoids are Raptors mutated by Dragon magic. which had became tougher, stronger & had grown wings. These Beasts are not as strong as other Beasts of War, but they are known to move in packs to take down larger opponents, and they are tougher then they look two.

Reptus are larger versions of the Raptors and are used as Mounts by Draconian Warriors. They would rush into enemy lines, clawing their way, while their Draconian riders would deal with the little bits that are left by the bloodthirsty Reptus.

The Greater Reptus are Reptus mutated by Dragon Magics, and had became larger, stronger, tougher & even more fearsome. Their bloodthirsty nature makes them harder to be ridden by Draconian Warriors, but the rare few who are capable of riding them, are one of the most elite soldiers in a Draconian army.

This is the list of Units:

-Warlord Tarkush
-Warlord Nabok Guttesh
-Warlord Cygrox
-Warlord Garzush
-Warlord Hakax Gerersh
-Warlord Ferkush
-Warlord Bumkeroo
-Vudjuthein, Prophet of Toruk
-Karakash Xetos, Priest of Toruk
-Wargush Jaramuk, Great Mage

-Dragonoid Spawns
-Dragonoid Wyverns
-Dragonkin Savage
-Dragonkin Warrior
-Dragonkin Great Warrior
-Greater Reptus Rider

-Drake Scouts
-Drake Archers
-Draconian Warriors
-Draconian Archers
-Razgar Hunters
-Draconian Hunter & Hounds
-Draconian Hounds
-Draconian Great Guard
-Reptus Cavalry
-Thunderwyrm Cannon

-Great Gladiator
-Firewyrm Warrior
-Draconian Warord on Foot
-Draconian Warlord Mounted
-Drake Priest
-Drake Lord

I haven't figured the stats of each Unit yet, but I will soon enough.
What do you guys think about this army?

Warmaster Toruk
09-22-2010, 11:40 AM
Here is a pic:


09-22-2010, 11:45 AM
But wait, Dragons don't really have spawns? I thought they only "reproduce" through splitting of their lifegem (or reasonable parable). They can "infect" other beings through blight, and in which case you would have legion and Cryx, two pre-existing factions.

It sounds like you just want to play dragonkin from D&D 4th ed. as a faction or lizardmen from Fantasy. the storyline you surmise doesn't fit in with the IK setting.

Warmaster Toruk
09-22-2010, 11:49 AM
Sorry, I'm pretty new to both HORDES & WARMACHINE, so I'm not that familiar with that version of Dragons.

09-22-2010, 04:44 PM
Dragons in the Iron Kingdoms are not like your run-of-the-mill fantasy dragons. They are enormous and powerful beyond all belief, almost liken to deities themselves.
Each dragon has a lifestone (or Athanc) within them that is the source of their power. If a dragon dies, and the stone is not removed, then they regenerate back to life within a matter of days. If the lifestone is removed and not restrained by some form of stasis or cold, then it hatches into a rapidly growing baby dragon version of itself, that will within the course of days grow back to its original size. The Athanc is so powerful and evil that it warps all living entities (plant and animal) within a radius equal to a mile per hit dice (and they have a lot of hit dice). Dragons don't reproduce. Toruk split his athanc to create the other dragons because he wanted better servants, but they rebelled against him. He will eventually slay each of the dragons he created and devour their athancs to regain his original power.

That is why a draconian faction does not work in the Iron Kingdoms. If you like dragons, play Cryx or Everblight, they're both the servants of their respective dragons. Everblight warbeasts and units take on more visible draconian mutations and are probably the most "dragon-like" looking faction you can find.

Bringer Of The Void
09-22-2010, 07:45 PM
But there are some Fluff-Wise Background Ideas that could support that OP Fan-Made Faction...

In the R.P.G. Settings of the Iron Kingdoms, according to Monsternomicon 1°, EVERY Dragon (not only Lord Toruk or Everblight, even if the last is quite the Specialist in this matter) could easily create the Two Class of Servants known as "Dragonspawn" and "Blighted"...

Dragonspawn are "Direct Physical Manifestations" of the malevolence of Dragons; one Progeny of Toruk has only to shed some Blood Droplets to the ground or a little of Flesh (much like the "Clash Of Titans" Movies, both the Old Classic and the New 3D. Flick) and a misshapen, but deadly Critter will arise and be ready to do its Master's biddings...

Draconic Blight instead is a sort of Entropic Radiation that every Dragon release from its Body (starting from the Athanc "Hearthtone" and with Radius and Power linked to the specific Dragon HD) and that slowly warp any matter (stone brittle, wood rots away, earth is baked, metal is rusted, air becomes choking smog, water becomes brackish...) not directly consecrated to the Dragon in question, also killing or mutating beyond any means of redemption any Living Being (that become quite Evil and Cruel and gains Draconic Features like claws, fangs, spikes or patches of scaly skin)

This “Dragonblight Aura” usually is too slow (generally a Month to blast the Landscape, utterly beyond redemption, with specimens like Blighterghast) to be useful in Battle, but the Dragons could concentrate it in limited use “Area Attacks” like Ashen Storms or Heatwaves, or refine it properly into their Breath Weapon, very often represented as Radioactive Flames or Magma Spew...

When a Dragon reside for a lenghty time near a Local Community it slowly warps body and mind of any residents, that while not totally and immediatly “Converted to the Dark Side” becomes far heavily apt to heed the Dragon Telepathic Suggestions (like the Dragon Pyromalfic, slew recently by Everblight’s Legion, that slowly subverted a Fallen Tribe of Elven Barbarians inhabiting the Ruined Keep of the Castle of the Keys) as soon as their physical appearance start to warp...

There are quite more rapid means to gain Blighted Servants nonetheless...

1°) Everblight’s Athanc (defeated but not destroyed by the Iosan Elves) was able to control the Mad Ogrun Thagrosh, that cut open its chest to contain it, and a Shard of it (obtained with the Magic Blade Rapture, forged Milennia before by the Morrdh Evil Kingdom, first Allies of Ethrunbal) is forcefully inserted in the Heart of a Nyss Woman of Magical Aptitude, creating its Warlocks...

The Warlock Vayl Hallyr “The Betrayer” was a cruel and scheming Elven Sorceress
of the Nyss Elves of the Far North (quite a Monster even before turning into a Warlock) and voluntarily searched Everblight Minions to obtain nigh Infinite Power and Near Immortality; she tainted various Nyss Water Supplies with Warlocks Blood and so many Nyss were unable to resist a Mutating Wave of Draconic Magic uneashed after...

As Everblight (or “Ethrunbal” as the Elves and Rhulic Dwarves know him) has not still regenerated a Draconic Body are its Warlocks to spill their Black Body Fluids into Large Magical Cauldrons filled with Dead Bodies, and after a little stewing, it will jump forth a Dragonspawn Larva (the Creatures of the Legion are far less misshapen than “Standard Dragonspawn” and retain more or less “Stable Genetic Templates”)...


2°) The Skorne Empire fear nothing more than Chimera “The Mad Dragon of the Desert”, a Monster that lost Intelligence and Self-Awareness in the Catastrophic Cataclysm that ruined the Ancient Elven Empire; this totally crazed “Thing” (Ever-Mutating like the Alien Monster of John Carpenter’s Movie) wander aimlessly and devour anything that cross its path, randomly spawning Mini-Monsters that mix the Features of its Victims


3°) More or less 2.000 Years before the Current Timeline of the Game the Dragonfather, Lord Toruk, clashed over the skies of Satyx Island in the Scharde Archipelago with one of its most ferocious rebelling offspring, the White Dragon known as Sckhaz (referred as a Female, even if Dragons have not a Gender Distinction)...

When the two Titanic Beasts tore at each other their Blighted Blood rained heavily on Satyx Island, quickly corrupting the environment beyond recognition; even the Human Population was transformed, and in particular their Warrior Caste of Amazon-like Women (at the Time they seemed to be some kind of Offshoot of the Tharn Race) gained Horns and Dark Magic, and proceeded to ritually sacrifice EVERY Satyxis Male to their New God, Lord Toruk, that was snacking on the Athanc of the defeatd Dragoness...

According to some unclear sources of Fluff Text the Satyxis are a Stable Blight-Mutation and they change no more Physically, only gaining Evilness and Cruelty with close proximity with Lord Toruk (I believe that somewhere is written that Satyxis that heed not the call to become Pirates could serve the Dragonfather as a sort of Vestal Priestess in its Temple)...

Other Servants of Lord Toruk (generally its Unholy High Clerics) if they are still living often partakes of a Vile Potion that have as Main Ingredient the Distilled Blood of the Dragonfather and that will slowly mutate them in Humanoids with Draconic Features; this is also clear in the Warcaster Lich Lord Terminus, that both before and after attaining Mechanikal Undead State, is slowly morphing into a Winged Monster as “Reward” for its Faithful Service...

Lord Toruk seemed to revert to Undead Minions, as except for the Satyxis, its Servants could not well handle its Dragonblight Aura and often warp beyond usefulness, while Living-Deads will stay more or least the same; this Fact is corroborated by the Background of Darragh Wrathe, a High Level Warrior-Cleric commanding Toruk’s Cavalry, that is forced to amputate more and more of its Failing Living Flesh, to substitute it with Necromantical Cybernetics...

Simply put maybe all the Draconic Humanoid Monsters described in the OP were the First Attempt of the Dragonfather to create an Army of Minions, to Battle with is Progeny’s own Spawn in the Prehistoric Times before Man (or perhaps to halt and harass the First “Hordes” of Trollkin and other Molgur Barbarians)...

Some would be “Flesh-And-Blood” Spawn of Lord Toruk , and some would be Blighted Humans or Beasts, warped beyond recognition by Dark Magic...

Maybe these “Draconians” were wiped out by “Dragon Wars” and slaughtered before Menoth started to Organize its Priest-Kings Champions; maybe they were too costly to Produce again for the Dragonfather, when there were readily “Pliable” Humans and Zombies to employ...

Maybe, under the most important Fortresses of the Nightmare Empire of Cryx (like Skell, Blackwater, Dreggsmouth and Dragonroost) there are still existant Army Battlegroups of these “First Servants of Toruk”, guarding Hoards, Unholy Relics and Sancta-Sanctorums; or they are simple hybernated by Magic, ready to serve as “Last Line Of Defence” should the unthinkable happens and the United Human Kingdoms Armies attack while the Dragonfather is busy fighting with its Entire Progeny Flock...

So this Fan-Made Background could possibly not be too “Off-The-Rack”...

@Warmaster Toruk
Judging from the Beautiful Illustration that You posted, that show these Draconians holding the Severed Head of a defeated Ork of Warhammer, I personally think that this Fan-Made Faction is something that You hold very dear (maybe hailing from the Times of D&D 2° Edition Dragonlance)...

If You plan to Play “Hordes” without too much Playtesting of Customized Ideas, is better if You wait a Month till the exit of the “Legion Of Everblight” Faction Manual; there is plenty of Draconic-like Winged Creatures...

Some (Thagrosh, Nephylim and most o the Warbeasts) are ready to be employed as they are (maybe Painted in Dragon Green instead of Blue-Violet) and the majority of Nyss Miniatures could easily be “Draconized” by adding Extra Spikes, Vestigial Wings and a little Green Matter applied to the Head.....

Warmaster Toruk
09-23-2010, 03:58 AM
Bringer Of The Void
Thank you for that full analysis, sorry but there isn't more I can say, I'm speechless

Thank you for that detailed info about the Dragons in the Iron Kingdoms, apretiated