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simon sez
10-12-2010, 11:14 AM

2nd Degree Architect Mbn Af- Wahl of the Crocus Guild
A maverick member of the Crocus Guild, Mbn Af-Wahl is one of that secretive institution whose arcane methods of harnessing the potential of the mysterious Ley Lines have made them the unquestioned power behind the throne in Zu. Alarmed by Af-Wahl’s outlandish desires to do good for his people, the Guild elders have bestowed on him the “Honour” of exploring the strange new world the pale-face Shae has opened to them.
Other than the preternatural dexterity that allows him to mold complex life tablets in mere moments. Mbn’s exceptional skill lies in drawing the blood of Gaia into the earth, shaping and reshaping it at will. His latest studies have further fine-tuned this talent into transforming everyday minerals into gold, though the process is not yet perfected.
Mbn Af-Wahl, Zuese Expeditionary Guildsman Warcaster.
SPD-5 STR-6 MAT-6 RAT-5 DEF-14 ARM-14 CMD-9 FOC-7
FA- C.
Warjack Points- +5.
Base Size- Small.
Damage- 17.
Feat: Transmutation- Friendly Faction warrior models starting their activation in Mbn’s control area gain +2 ARM and STR and cannot be charged. Transmutation lasts for one round.
Mbn Af Wahl
Craft Wallah (*Action) - This model may place D3 Wallah models within 3” of itself. Placed models behave as Solo’s and may activate as normal. In your next Maintenance Phase remove these models from play.
Sacrificial Pawn [Wallah]- When this model is directly hit by an enemy ranged attack, you can choose to have one friendly, Wallah model within 3˝ of this model directly hit instead. That model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.
Weapons [Mbn Af Wahl]
Rungu [1x] (None) – POW: 5 P+S: 12
Magical Weapon.
Critical Smite- On a critical hit, this model can slam the model hit instead of rolling damage normally. The model hit is slammed D6” directly away from this model and suffers a damage roll with POW equal to this model’s STR plus the POW of this weapon. The POW of collateral damage is equal to this model’s STR.
Thrown Rungu – RNG: 8 ROF: 1 POW: 5
Thrown Weapon- Add this model’s STR to the POW of this ranged attack.
Pillar of Salt- Cost: 2 RNG: CTRL AOE: 3 POW: - UP: No OFF: No
Place a 3” AOE anywhere completely in this model’s control area where it does not touch a model’s base. The AOE is an obstruction that blocks LOS and provides cover. It is a structure with ARM 18 and leaves play if it suffers 1 or more damage points. The AOE remains in play for one round.
Energizer- Cost: * RNG: Self AOE: CTRL POW: - UP: No OFF: No
This model can spend up to 3 focus points to cast Energizer. Models in its battlegroup currently in its control area can immediately advance up to 1” for each focus point spent. Energizer can be cast only once per turn.
Force Blast- Cost: 3 RNG: CTRL AOE:- POW:- UP: No OFF: No
When casting Force Blast, select a model in this models battlegroup in its control area. Enemy models within 2” of the selected model are immediately pushed 4” directly away from the selected model. You choose the order models are pushed.
Fortify- Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: No
Target warjack in this models battlegroup gains +2 ARM. The affected model and any friendly model B2B with it cannot be knocked down.
Lock the Target- Cost: 2 RNG: 10 AOE: - POW: 10 UP: No OFF: Yes
A model damaged by Lock the Target cannot run charge or be placed for one round.

Wallah, Zuese Expeditionary Solo
SPD-4 STR-7 MAT-5 RAT-3 DEF-11 ARM-14 CMD-5
Weapons [Wallah]
Ceramic Fists [2x]- POW: 3 P+S: 10

Abhraim, the Cerberus.
The dark corners of the City of God are a world away from the proud walls and wondrous sights that are at the root of every tale brought back by traders of the Mercarian League. In damp chambers the decadent rub shoulders with the desperate to bet on a bloodthirsty contest between brutes. Abhraim is the recognized, and feared, champion of these contests; named the Cerberus after his latent talent for manipulating Zu’s guardian constructs revealed itself in moment of desperation, the clear interference of a possessed Catoblepas trampling his opponent was waived by Abhraims shadowy cartel of sponsors. However moments after his bloody arm was raised in victory he was struck unconscious, and awoke to find one of will-projecting life tablets of the Crocus guild fitted into his skull.
Overpowered by the tireless voice of the tablet reverberating in his head; Abhraim’s mind has all but collapsed, leaving only primal feelings of pain and rage. It is this that has landed unbidden in the Gulf of Cygnar; an unthinking mass of scars, pouring his anger across whole battlefields at the order of his unseen masters.
Abhraim, the Cerberus, Zuese Expeditionary Warcaster.
SPD-5 STR-8 MAT-8 RAT-4 DEF-14 ARM-16 CMD-10 FOC-5
FA- C.
Warjack Points- +4.
Base Size- Small.
Damage- 18.
Feat: Extreme Prejudice- Friendly Faction warrior models activating in this model's control area gain Critical: Knockdown and Trash on their melee weapons (Models with Trash gain an additional damage die against knocked down targets). Extreme Prejudice lasts for one turn.
Oath of Silence- This model does not have the Commander advantage.
Relentless- When this model is damaged by an enemy attack, it gains +2 SPD for one round.
Unyielding- While engaging an enemy model, this model gains +2 ARM.
Blood-Quenched- This model gains a cumulative +1 STR and ARM for each living enemy model it destroys with a melee attack during its activation. This bonus lasts for one round.
Weapons [Abhraim]
Armoured Gauntlets [2x] (None) - POW: 5 P+S: 13
Powerful Charge- This model gains +2 to charge attack rolls with this weapon.
Massacre- Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - UP: No OFF: No
When target model destroys a model with a melee attack, after the attack is resolved it can advance up to 1" and make an additional melee attack.
Calamity- Cost: 3 RNG: 8 AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF: Yes
Friendly models gain +2 to attack and damage rolls against target enemy model/unit
Fury- Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF: No
Target friendly model/unit gains +3 on melee damage rolls but suffers -1 DEF.
Ravager- Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: No
When target friendly Faction warjack makes a normal attack with a melee weapon, compare the total rolled for the attack to the DEF of each model in its LOS and the weapons melee range. If the attack roll equals or exceeds a model’s DEF, that model is directly hit.

10-13-2010, 12:04 AM
Linked this to the General Homebrew Table of Contents.

Just a couple things:

We need stats / rules for Wallahs.
I'd look at Darius for a re-word of "Craft Wallah". Otherwise by turn 3 he'll have up to 9 of the buggers.

simon sez
10-13-2010, 06:29 AM
Sorry about that, I copied the rules in two parts and accidentally cut part off.

By the way, is the scroll bar on the advanced reply box having a fit for anyone else, or is it just me?

10-13-2010, 10:53 PM

With FOC 5 he's going to have problems getting Calamity to stick on anything with DEF 13 or higher.
He feels 1 spell short to me.
Even with 2, P&S 12 on a beatstick type 'caster is a little lackluster.
His Feat will benefit him alot but most Warrior models can't generate more than 1 or 2 attacks and top out at +1 usable STR and +2 ARM.

EDIT: Updated ToC in General Homebrew

simon sez
10-14-2010, 07:53 AM
hmm, well always better to add than subtract I suppose :D

So he needs FOC 6 for Calamity to work, a more universal feat, a bit more melee umph and an additional spell...

Spell: Beatdown - Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - UP: No OFF: No
When target model/unit destroys a model with a melee attack, after the attack is resolved it can advance up to 1" and make an additional melee attack.

Armoured Fists [2x]- POW: 6 P+S: 13
Chain Attack: Brutality- If this model hits the same model twice with both its initial melee attacks, after resolving the attacks it can immediately make an additional head-butt power attack against that model

Feat: Extreme Prejudice - Friendly Faction warrior models activating in this model's control area gain Critical: Knockdown and Trash on their melee weapons (Models with Trash gain an additional damage die against knocked down targets). Extreme Prejudice lasts for one turn

There, he still shouldn't be at Butcher levels of pants-wetting "Oh gods here he comes HELLLLLP!!!" but if he gets an enemy caster/lock in his sights with feat popped, Focus camped and Fury upkept things should become very interesting come the charge.

10-14-2010, 09:53 PM
Spell: Beatdown - Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - UP: No OFF: No
When target model/unit destroys a model with a melee attack, after the attack is resolved it can advance up to 1" and make an additional melee attack.

Looks like a re-named Avatar of Slaughter (Old Witch of Khador) or Crusher (pMadrak). Having it model/unit is going to be nasty.

Armoured Fists [2x]- POW: 6 P+S: 13
Chain Attack: Brutality- If this model hits the same model twice with both its initial melee attacks, after resolving the attacks it can immediately make an additional head-butt power attack against that model

Better, but he can't headbutt larger bases. Since you got rid of Blood Quenched on the Feat, why not just give it to him?

Feat: Extreme Prejudice - Friendly Faction warrior models activating in this model's control area gain Critical: Knockdown and Trash on their melee weapons (Models with Trash gain an additional damage die against knocked down targets). Extreme Prejudice lasts for one turn

I like the new Feat.

simon sez
10-15-2010, 05:05 AM
Thanks for the criticism, Jaren! I've added the changes and your suggestions.

Is Beatdown too cheap for a model/unit effect? Should I change it to model only and keep it as Massacre?

Embarrassingly, I have apparently written too much for one post to take! So my neat and tidy Warcaster section is ruined:mad: Ah well, i'll just lump mylatestone here then...

Most Sublime Paramour Alelsuesse
The courts of the oligarchs of Zhu’s proud city-states are a constant hive of intrigue and debauchery as the great and powerful of the city alternately frolic and scheme days away to the accompaniment of the finest performers of the land. Far and away the most desired of these is Alelsuesse; bought from her peasant family by a passing noble, her talent for sorcery coupled with her natural beauty and outrageous personality made her a favorite of the well-to-do crowds, and incredibly wealthy as a result.
Now a woman in the prime of her life, the Most Sublime Paramour seeks to become a leader, not a follower. Using scandalous knowledge gathered by a lifetime of courting, Alelsuesse has chartered passage on one of the five Zuese venture-ships to the New World, seeking power and control for her own ends.
Alelsuesse, Zuese Expeditionary Warcaster.
SPD-7 STR-5 MAT-6 RAT-5 DEF-17 ARM-13 CMD-8 FOC-6
FA- C.
Warjack Points- +7.
Base Size- Small.
Damage- 15.
Feat: Captivation- During your opponent’s next Activation Phase enemy warrior models within Alelsuesse’s control cannot move except to change their facing towards Alelsuesse and cannot perform free strikes. Captivation lasts for one round.
Liplock- Once per turn, when an enemy warrior model advances into and ends its movement in this model’s melee range, that model suffers from Stagger (A model with Stagger loses its initial attacks and cannot make special attacks for one round).
Ground Work- While knocked down, this model is not automatically hit by melee attacks and its DEF is not reduced.
Weapons [Alelsuesse]
Silk Sash- RNG: 8 ROF: 2 POW: 3
Thrown- Add this model’s STR to the POW of this ranged attack.
Critical Stationary- On a critical hit, the model hit becomes stationary for one round.
Asp- POW: 5 P+S: 10
Befuddle- Cost: 2 RNG: 10 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: Yes
On a hit, you can immediately advance target enemy non-warcaster/non-warlock model up to 3”. Affected models cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. A model can only move once per turn as a result of Befuddle.
Distraction- Cost: 2 RNG: 8 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: Yes
Target enemy warrior model/unit cannot make ranged attacks suffers -2 DEF and MAT for one round.
Love Knot- Cost: 3 RNG: 10 AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF Yes
While within 3” of the model hit, enemy models cannot run or charge and can only advance directly towards it. On a critical hit, the target enemy model becomes stationary.
Telekinesis- Cost: 2 RNG: 8 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: *
Place target model completely within 2” of its current location. When Telekinesis targets an enemy model, it is an offensive spell and requires a magic attack roll. A model can be affected by Telekinesis only once per turn.
Unravel- Cost: 2 RNG: Self AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: No.
This model gains +2 DEF and Ghostly. (A model with Ghostly can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions if it has enough to move completely past them. This model cannot be targeted by free strikes).

She's mostly based on Mata Hari, the Maharani Jind Kaur, and every femme fatale from history. She's a infantry support (de)buff, to go along with Abhraim the Beatstick and Mbn Af-Wahl's 'JackCaster. When I can decide whether my spellslinger is too shameless a Gaara ripoff to present, my Caster bases should be covered.

10-15-2010, 11:52 PM

Yeah. That spell is insane when it can ONLY target Old Witch or Scrappy. It's pMadrak's feat in a can. Massacre or Carnage would work fine.

Most Sublime Paramour Alelsuesse

Ground Work made my giggle, given that the previous ability is....
Lip Lock! Love it.
Love Knot is a great idea, but wording is awkward. Take a look at Voltaic Snare for wording.
She has P&S 7 and P&S 10 weapons. Killing things will be hard.
Her Feat is Killbox level good. She's going to be MURDER in scenario play.

simon sez
10-16-2010, 01:15 AM
Ground Work made my giggle, given that the previous ability is....
Lip Lock! Love it.
I don't know what you mean! You're just filthy minded ;)

Made the changes to Love Knot and Beatdown (Now Massacre)

She isn't much for kiiling, if shes trying to stick Asp into something, it's all gone horribly wrong! Like you pointed out with her feat and spells she is for causing massive headaches and improving the chances of her units.

10-16-2010, 02:29 AM
I don't know what you mean! You're just filthy minded ;)

Sticks and stones.....:D

simon sez
10-16-2010, 04:07 AM
Sticks and stones.....:D
Are what Zuese Warjacks are made of!

Still not satisfied with the latest Warcaster's concept, so in the meantime:

Between the great walled cities of Zhu lay mile after mile of scrubland, pastures and forest, and even enclosed within the Ley-carriages city-dwellers are still prone to attack from the bands of desperadoes and rowdy serfs that inhabit the uncivilised wilds. As a measure of protection from outsiders the Crocus Guild fashioned the Catoblepas; hefting constructs of wood and stone in the image of massive Buffalo, these behemoths stand in pairs outside any establishment that can afford them, indiscriminately goring and crushing anyone who approaches them wihout their owners permission. Over the years desperate acts have been committed trying to fracture the life tablet housed within a Catoblepas' boulder-hard chest, only for the attackers to collapse weeping as the monstrous thing barrels toward them unscathed.
Catoblepas, Zuese Expeditionary Heavy Warjack.
SPD-6 STR-11 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-11 ARM-18 CMD—
FA- U.
Points Cost- 7.
Base Size- Large.
(O=Hull, M=Movement, C=Cortex, H=Head)
Counter Slam- When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6” and in the LOS of this model, this model can immediately make a slam power attack against that model. If this model makes a counter slam, it cannot make another until after your next turn. This model cannot make a counter slam while engaged.
Come to Heel- Immediately after resolving a charge attack, this model can make a full advance toward its controlling model/unit. This model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.
Weapons [Catoblepas]
Horns [1x] (Head) - POW: 5 P+S: 16
Hard Head- This model can add this weapons POW to its head-butt and slam power attack damage rolls.

10-16-2010, 04:15 AM
For 7 points the catoblepas is very weak... no weapon above POW 15?

I would give him POW 17 horns, that would atleast make him vital as damage dealer.

simon sez
10-16-2010, 05:27 AM
His attack is a cut and paste from the Gnarlhorn Saytr, but then he lacks open fists...

How about if he kept the P+S, but had a second skill that granted P+S to his Trample power attack as well? Make him more Smashy?

Catoblepas isn't really the damage dealer anyway, that goes to the Biscione, who isn't written yet, he's more of a Heavy Troll Bouncer, a protector Jack.

10-16-2010, 08:18 AM
Then he should have maybe shield guard or some self made thing.... I have an idea!

Herd Instinct - When a friendly faction model within 10" of this model is attacked, this model can make a full advance towards the attacked model. When this model is after advancing within 3" of the attacked model, this model is automaticly hit and suffers the damage the attacked model would have suffered. This ability can only be activated once per turn.

But even with that, this model is quite weak for 7 points, you can give it a second attack or something... compare it to a ironclad or an gladiator... it is very very weak.

simon sez
10-17-2010, 07:46 AM
I upped the POW to 16 after checking and finding no other 'Jack with so low a main weapon (which took me by surprise to be honest) and added an ability which I hope

a) Actually applies without the 'attached' rule.
b) make the duty of the Catoblepas clearer: It's not there to take a bullet for you, it's there to go off, pound anything that could conceivably harm you into an unidentifiable mess in the dirt, and then trot back.

Of course with Mbn Af-Wahl you might choose to stick a Pillar of Salt behind the model you're lining up to slam, or cleverly use counter-slam, charge/trample attack, Transmutation, Energizer and Force Blast to smash through an entire battle line. Abhraim's Massacre with counter-slam means a possible 3 attacks (slam, move additional attack, counter-slam the guy you missed if he's fool enough to hang around) while Calamity would mean an effective MAT 8 P+S 18 slam! Lastly Alelsuesse is perfect for setting up slam targets with 2 placement spells, and clever use of Love Knot increases the chance of collateral damage unless the enemy unit is stretched over a large area.
Among the most terrible of the constructs fashioned in semblence of life by the Crocus Guild, the decision to sow the elaborately scalloped life tablets that mould the living Earth into a Biscione is one that should not be taken lightly, as the amount of material required causes the ground the tablets fell on to collapse from beneath it.
Much less lovingly than many of the other creations of the Crocus Guild, the Biscione resembles nothing more than a towering stone worm, with dirt pouring off its eroded flanks as it is blindly guided by its summoner towards its target, which it crushes with infitite weight until whatever was caught between it's coils is a mangled heap.
Biscione, Zuese Expeditionary Heavy Warjack
SPD-4 STR-12 MAT-6 RAT-3 DEF-10 ARM-20 CMD- -
Points Cost- 11
Base Size- Large
Serpentine- This model cannot make slam or trample power attacks and cannot be knocked down.
Dig In (* Action) – This mode gains cover, does not suffer blast damage, and does not block LOS. The model remains dug in until it moves, is placed, or is engaged. The model cannot dig into solid rock or man made constructions. This model can begin the game dug in
Weapons [Biscione]
Constriction [1x] (-) - POW: 7 P+S: 19
Critical Spine Crusher– On a critical hit, if this attack hits a Warjack, the model hit suffers 1 damage point to the first available box of each system and is knocked down. If the attack hits a Warbeast, the model hit suffers 1 damage point to every aspect and is knocked down.
Tail Swipe- POW: 3 P+S: 15
Rear Attack- When declaring and resolving attacks with this weapon, this model’s front arc extends to 360 degrees.

10-17-2010, 04:28 PM

Great job on balance, especially.
From where I'm standing, every lock seems to have a clearly-defined role, and the two "warjacks" are simple, yet pants-****tingly good. Especially the Catoblepas. WOW. That's like a 7 point War Dog that just happens to be the size of a small building and hit like one to boot.
The Biscione is fantastic, but people have trouble fitting anything that's eleven points into an army. Consider dropping one SPD and then one PC to compensate. It really doesn't need to be SPD 5, what with it being insanely survivable at any range.

Bringer Of The Void
10-17-2010, 09:27 PM
@Simon Sez

Are You aware that "Biscione" in Italian Language (and Medieval Vulgar Latin) means truly "Long Poisonless Snake"...??

Were I live in Italy (in the City of Genoa) there is a "Blue Collar" Neighborhood Block that resemble a Collection of Condominiums arranged in a Line, called with this surname...

Now I envison a Zuese Warcaster arriving there, launching a "Life Tablet" on the Structure Core and causing it to Animate, rampaging Godzilla-Style on the Roads of My City.....

10-17-2010, 11:57 PM
@ simon sez:


Great 'jack. Nothing really else to say.


11 pts might be too high, but given how good it is, 10 might be too low.
P&S 19 also seems high, but it's an 11 pt 'jack.

10-18-2010, 02:26 AM
Quick rules question...
How does Return work if the Catoblepas is jack marshaled? As it is worded now, it wouldn't have anything to return to, since it doesn't technically "have" a warcaster.

simon sez
10-18-2010, 03:51 AM
@ iknowinternet- THANK. YOU.


I'd quite like to keep him at 11pts, because it's a difficult number. The Biscione is fluff-wise a weapon of last resort, weapons of last resort shouldn't really be a part of every battlegroup.

As to the Marshalling question, the only solutions seem to be:
1) Don't Marshal a Catoblepas. Ever!
2) Create a new rule with Warcaster substituted for controlling model/unit.

@ Jaren- So it's wrong, but right as well? :confused:
... Okay, I'll settle for that!

@ BotV- I didn't know that actually, thanks. I'm pulling the names and designs for the Warjacks from heraldic creatures, and somehow a stylised viper eating someone got twisted into "flailing stone snake of death!"

10-18-2010, 03:58 AM
@ Jaren- So it's wrong, but right as well? :confused:
... Okay, I'll settle for that!

Yeah. I'm really torn on this 'jack. I can't point at anything and say "this is wrong" - but at the same time it FEELS overpowered. I'll need to roll out some possible scenarios with it to be sure.

10-18-2010, 01:38 PM
It's the SPD. I'd still advocate dropping the SPD and giving it Pathfinder instead.

simon sez
10-19-2010, 08:13 AM
I have lowered the Biscione's SPD to 4, but have not added Pathfinder, does he seem a little fairer now?

Remember the mystery Warcaster I complained of earlier? Well now I've gone and written two of them! I'm looking for a villain for the faction, a merciless character and a spell-slinger, now I give them both to you to consider.

In the bowels of the Zuese vessel, Enegomeaeh, an evil is stirring. The Marines are restless, veteran sailors find the familiar darkness of the passageways once more unnerving, and the many learned scholars travelling aboard complain often of the uncanny feeling of being watched. And then there are the disappearances…
Meanwhile at the rigging toils an unassuming ensign, a provincial by the name of Kaa-fn-Toh, he doesn’t talk much, and little is known of his past, but all who meet him agree there is something strange about the young man, like the way his veins seem to shift under his skin, or the bizarre scars around his wrists.
Kaa-fn-Toh, Zuese Expeditionary Warcaster.
SPD-5 STR-6 MAT-4 RAT-6 DEF-14 ARM-14 CMD-7 FOC-7
Warjack Points- +7
Base Size- Small
Damage- 16
Feat: Threads of Life- Enemy living models in this models control area suffer an unboostable POW 10 damage roll. This model heals d3 damage points for each model destroyed by this damage roll. Threads of Life last for one turn.
Shadow Agent- This model may target models in terrain within his control area with ranged and magic attacks regardless of LOS.
Animosity [Guildsmen] – This model cannot be included in an army that includes one or more models of the listed type.
Weapons [Kaa-fn-Toh]
Blooded Ropes- RNG: 8 ROF: oo AOE: - POW: 12
Ghost Shot- This weapon ignores LOS when making attacks with this weapon. When resolving attacks with this weapon, ignore concealment and cover.
Harrow- An enemy model damaged by this weapon suffers Harrow for one round. Once per turn this model can transfer damage to an enemy model with Harrow.
Spells [Kaa-fn-Toh]
Gallows- Cost: 3 RNG: 10 AOE: - POW: 13 UP: No OFF: Yes
When an enemy model is hit by this attack, it can be pushed d6” directly toward Gallows’ point of origin.
Marked for Death- Cost: 2 RNG: 8 AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF: Yes
Target enemy model/unit suffers -2 DEF and loses Incorporeal and Stealth and cannot gain those abilities while affected by Marked for Death. Friendly Faction models can target an affected model regardless of LOS.
Stygian Abyss- Cost: 3 RNG: 10 AOE: - POW: 12 UP: No OFF: Yes
On a critical hit, the model hit suffers Shadow Bind for one round (A model suffering Shadow Bind suffers -3 DEF, and for one round when it advances it cannot move except to change facing.)
Telegraph- Cost: 2 RNG: 8 AOE: - POW: 10 UP: No OFF: Yes
This model can channel spells through a model hit by this attack. Telegraph lasts one turn
Transfusion- Cost: 3 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: No
Target friendly living Faction small-based unit. This model may suffer a number of damage points. For each damage point suffered, return one Grunt to the unit. It must be placed in this model’s control area in formation and within 3” of another model in its unit. The Grunt is returned with one unmarked damage box.

10-19-2010, 03:37 PM
Feat: The Sand Box- This model may spend up to 8 focus points. Enemy models within this model’s control area suffer a damage roll with a POW equal to double the number of focus this model has spent; this damage roll has Erosion (this model rolls an additional die on damage rolls against non-living models. This model gains a focus point for every model destroyed by Sand Box.

On a 6 FOC caster, this is a really good, and not too broken, feat. A 7 FOC caster cuts it close with a potential POW 14 autohitting 3dice damage roll. On an 8 FOC caster? NO WAY. This is an autohitting POW16 roll on EVERYTHING, only it does even more than the average POW16 roll against Jacks, Wold models, AGs, and ALL OF CRYX. Also keep in mind that if this happens to everything in his CTRL area... that's everything within 16".

Otherwise, I like this caster a lot, although even with 8 FOC he has too many 3cost spells. Consider replacing Sand Blast with something cheaper.

Kaa-fn-toh suffers from the same problem, only worse. He only has 6 FOC, and all but one of his spells cost 3. Since that one spell is an offensive upkeep, he can't really cast it more than once, so you're ensuring he will only be able to cast 2 spells per turn, and I frankly don't see the return being worth the investment.
Also, since he won't be hitting with his spells all that reliably with 6 FOC, Telegraph might be better off replaced with Fiona's non-offensive spell, Telgesh Mark (although it may need a namechange for fluff reasons), or Rasheth's new pseudo-arc node spell. Transfusion is a great idea for a spell, but the wording will need some changing, as this guy is a Warcaster, not a Warlock, and there may be some confusion with the transferring mechanic. As it is currently worded, it relies on him being able to transfer, which the Warcaster abilities do not allow. So from a rules point of view, it currently does nothing.

As a way of mitigating his low FOC stat, consider giving him this ability I created for one of my homebrew casters, who would have had the same problem:

Willpower - This model can reroll one failed magic attack each turn.

Bringer Of The Void
10-20-2010, 01:56 AM
@simon sez

I feel an "Arabian Nights" paired with "Deep Black Africa" and "Ancient Egyptian Mummies" backdrop for all the very interesting "Golem-Warjacks" that You designed...

I think that the "Wallah" Idea is quite "On-Line" with the "Ushabti Legends" of Ancient Egypt, of which I have many Conceptual Art from Earlier Works of My "Freelance Illustrator Career"...

Another Graphic Idea that I wish to submit to Your Judgement is a Personal Take about some Concepts ("Hawaian Tiki Masks" and "Moai Stone Heads" becoming Battle Ready Humanoid Constructs with a Speedy Magic Trick) that could be useful for Illustrations about Wallah Golem shaped like "African Idols"...

Let Me know if You are interested.....

simon sez
10-20-2010, 07:09 AM
@ iknowinternet- Thanks a lot for the C&C.

I have made a change to the feat, so that it is now a universal POW 1-8+3D6 damage roll (Oh god how did I forget Cryx!!!!)

I have also changed 2 of his spells; Sand Blast to the cheaper Stranglehold, and Batten Down the Hatches to Feora's (incidently cheaper) Convection, partly because I felt it was combing with other spellsto make him too defensive, but mostly because I've used BDTH before in homebrew and I'm tired of it.

For Kaa, I have reduced the price of Telegraph, would it be simpler to just give him FOC 7? He feels a little rule-heavy to me already.

On Transfusion, I'm a little puzzled by your comment. It doesn't use a transfer mechanic, it's simply cutting yourself for a result, similar to Skarre. Do you mean Harrow on his weapon?

I think the main problem I had writing these two is that their powers are totemic, rather than just being magical:
Kaa-fn-Toh is a complete fiend, who has stolen the hands from a prominent Crocus Guildsman and animated them through darkest folk sorcery involving blood-dyed threads which he used to stich them to his own self-amputated wrist stumps. imagine his feat and spells with a length of dripping black rope embedded in the skin of him and his targets, that's how he works.

Lee-Ahm-Toh is similar; he is, debatedly, the demonic Man Who Howls, whose domain is sand and dust and wind. If you can't picture a spell being performed by animated sand particles, it won't work on him; Snipe would be an impossibility for instance.

@ BotV- There's certainly elements of all those ideas in Zu, there's also bits of British Raj and Chinese beaurocracy thrown in. It's a half formed mess of a place with little cohesion at the moment, probably as more homebrews need their fluff written all the seperate ideas will tie themselves together to something you can point at and say "How very Zuese".

image-wise for the Wallah stay on the Golem line of thinking, since they are formed out of earth they will tend to be soil with rocks and other debris poking out. Something like this:
It's clearly humanoid, but it isn't human. A tool for heavy lifting doesn't need fingers, or a six-pack to function, so it wasn't written in.
For the faces, the Moai heads are closer, they don't have eyes, but the have the impression of where eyes would be, they don't speak but they have a line across their face. Very neutral expression, simplistic, maybe vaguely childlike.

10-20-2010, 01:45 PM
As per the wording issue, yeah, I meant to refer to Harrow there, but now that I look closer at Transfusion... that spell might be as good as a feat. Refer to the Goreshades and Testament/Reclaimer for how to deal with reanimating grunts.

The new "Sandman" feat looks good, but it still might be a little much without capping the amount of FOC he gains. Refer to pGaspy's feat, which operates on similar terms, and consider capping it with something similar to pNemo's arcane booster ability.

Just want to compliment you on this stuff. It's really cool, fluff and Crocus Guild-related stuff especially.

simon sez
10-21-2010, 03:15 AM
I'm afraid it already exists as a feat, see pMakeda's Walking Death. I've capped Lee-Ahm-Toh at his base focus, so no more than 8.

Thanks very much for the compliment, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

simon sez
10-22-2010, 02:43 AM
Next in line is my first Light Warjack (Everybody "ooh!" Everybody "aah!") a close combat 'Jack (The only one of the planned lights to be so) mainly for dealing with solo's and shooty units.

Not all of Zu’s wondrous constructs are simple tools of war; where the impressive ley-carriages cannot reach and man or beast would take days to travel, the tireless Alphyn tears along, lashing itself onward with a tail of thorny brush while stone claws scrabble over scree and mud alike.
A messenger without peer, the Alphyn will travel without pause to spread the proclamations of a City to its furthest villages. In this New World, however, the proclamation seems to be an ultimatum to comply or die, often delivered at speed with flinty claws.
Alphyn, Zuese Expeditionary Light Warjack.
SPD-7 STR-7 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-16 ARM-14 CMD--
FA- U.
Points Cost- 4.
Base Size- Medium.
(O=Hull, L=Left Arm, R=Right Arm, M=Movement, C=Cortex)
Extended Control Range- When checking to see if this model is in its controlling warcaster’s control area for the purpose of allocating focus, double the area.
Bounding Leap- During its activation, this model can spend 1 focus point to be placed completely within 5” of its current location. Any effects that prevent charging also prevent this model from using Bounding Leap.
Weapons [Alphyn]
Foreclaws [1x] (Left)- POW: 4 P+S: 11
Foreclaws [1x] (Right)- POW: 4 P+S: 11
Combo Strike (* Attack) - Make a melee attack. Instead of making a normal damage roll, the damage roll is equal to this model’s current STR plus twice the POW of this weapon.

Back to Kaa-fn and Lee-Ahm, I feel they are too similar to both remain, and eventually I would like to match the Retribution for 'Casters, so of the two which do you all prefer? It's too hard a choice for me.

10-24-2010, 02:34 PM
If you're dead set on winnowing out the duplicate casters...
Kaa is just slightly more interesting in terms of fluff...
Lee is just slightly more balanced in terms of usefulness and playability...

So it might be a wash.

10-24-2010, 10:52 PM
Sorry for being AWOL lately, life and FFT-A got the better of me.

Kaa-fn-Toh, Zuese Expeditionary Warcaster.

Telegraph needs a specified duration.

Lee Ahm-Toh, Zuese Expeditionary Warcaster

Looks fine - I really like the feat.

Alphyn, Zuese Expeditionary Light Warjack

Not sold on MAT 7 on a 4 point 'jack. Otherwise fine.

RE: Kaa-Fin VS Lee-Ahm:
Just play them against eachother in a best 2 of 3. Winner stays.

simon sez
10-25-2010, 04:59 AM
The rough concepts for Epics Mbn Af-Wahl and Kaa-fn-Toh came to me last night during a horrendous thunderstorm, so that has put paid to the Kaa vs Lee debate (Don't fret Lee fans; he still exists, but as a word document. You may well see him again) I hope you might like them; Mbn's esteem hastaken a thorough beating from finding out a terrible event occuring in the New World, and is filled with regrets about the expeditionand the motives of those on it. He has also narrowly survived being devoured by:
Kaa-fn-toh; whose epic version I hope will be properly scary. I don't want to say too much, but while he is still more-or-less human, it's not all the same human.

@ Jaren- I altered Telegraph to clarify the duration.
The Alphyn is very close to the Cryx Stalker in its stats and role, the main difference being that Alphyn is a rushing solo hunter where the Stalker is sneakier and given to assassinations. Both have that high MAT because both need to make their alpha strike.

Just to check; if I included Sea Dog Crew and Press Gangers as Zuese Units, not mercenaries, does that make them Faction? I doubt it but I look on Battle College and pEiryss is listed as a solo, not a merc, so I'm a little unsure.

10-25-2010, 10:58 PM
pEiryss is a Mercenary Solo.

Without some special rule or Tier benefit Sea Dog and Press Gang units are Mercenary Privateer models, regardless of what army they're included in.

If you want them to be considered Faction models you'll need a rule like eEiryss' "Retribution Partisan".

simon sez
10-26-2010, 03:51 AM
Zuese Bursar
The five ships of the Zuese Expedition; the Enogomeaeh, the Aanalkameh, the Grafh, The Phinneus Shae, and the Beh-gon-Vin, represent in their many sails and rounded hulls the dreams and ambitions of numerous groups and individuals within Zhu; from the merchants of Komara looking to pry the the trading wealth from their erstwhile partners the Mercarian League, to the Crocus Guild's nigh-insatiable lust for claiming new technology and holding control of its use, and the myriad dark designs kept from the public eye, it seems all the people of Zhu are waiting with baited breath to see what comes back from the New World.
To bring these dreams to fruition however, comes at a cost, and aboard each ship are treasurers and paymasters, as skilled with controlling wealth as Warcasters are at harnessing magic and all with the duty to protect the investments of their employers, to do this many have turned to local cutthroats and pirates as their muscle, rather than rely on the criminal Badmashes that prowl Zu's docks and fields as cheap, untrustworthy labour.
Bursar, Zuese Expeditionary Solo
SPD-4 STR-5 MAT-3 RAT-4 DEF-11 ARM-13 CMD-6
FA- 1
Points Cost- 2
Damage- 5
[] Coin
[] Coin
[] Coin
[] Coin
[] Coin
Bought Loyalty- When a friendly Faction model/unit fails a CMD check in this model’s command range, you can mark one of the five coin boxes on this models card to cause the model unit to pass the failed check.
Coin- This model gains +1 CMD for each unmarked coin box on its card.
Under the Table- At the start of the game after making the starting roll to determine the order of deployment and play, this model can mark any number of coin boxes to influence the opponents result by +/- the number of coin boxes marked.
Elite Cadre [Sea Dogs] – Friendly Sea Dog Crew trooper models in an army with this model become Zuese Allies.

10-26-2010, 10:27 PM
I like the Bursar - in my experience with Joln Rockbottom, bought loyalty has been pure gold (pun somewhat intended). Curious as to why he has no weapons though. And for 2 points he could use some other kind of Paymaster type ability.

Do you intend Elite Cadre to apply to ALL Sea Dogs (Crew, Press Gangs, Cannons, Bradigan) or just Sea Dog Crew?

10-26-2010, 11:01 PM
The Bursar really should be limited to just Press Gangers. They sound closest to the kinds of "Badmashes" you describe, and of the two basic Sea Dog infantry, they don't require the assistance of the solos as much to warrant their point cost. Since the Bursar really shouldn't provide the option to use every kind of Sea Dog unit (Deck Guns, etc.) and solo (yikes! We wouldn't want the pirates to be overshadowed, now would we?) and you can still take the solos since they are Mercs (or would be if you assumed they can work for this new faction as well), you might consider just dropping him to 1 point, so that he's just a really cheap "tax" to allow inclusion, with the bonus ability of Bought Loyalty. Maybe give him Tough as well, just to make sure it's not a point down the drain.

On the other hand, if you want to just make his ability apply to Sea Dog CREW, that might work as well if you consider that they would likely add Mr. Walls, and his monkey is from Zu if I'm not mistaken.

In addition, I'm also not convinced that the Alphyn should be MAT 7. That seems a bit high for a 4 pointer with an already stupefying DEF value and Bounding Leap (remember, they took Bounding Leap off the Stalker for a reason). Thematically, and mostly in exectution, I really like the new jack, though.

simon sez
10-27-2010, 07:52 AM
That should read Sea Dog Crew, edited now.

He has no weapons because he's a non-combatant, he's for hiding behind something heavy and shouting at people to do the job he is paying them to do with the use of his CMD 11 radius.

So he could use either another ability or a points reduction? Hmm, I'll see if I can't think of something, I don't want to make him a complete Rockbottom clone, so Pay Master is out.

Okay, I recognise constructive criticism when I see it, consider the Alphyn's MAT dropped.:)

simon sez
10-29-2010, 06:21 AM
Named after a mythical creature whose very gaze supposedly meant death for all who met it, the Basilisk?s definitive weapon is the burning lens supported on its back; originally created by the flawed genius of Amaghan as siege engines to drive away all attackers who approached his city?s walls, with his defeat the novel light focusing powers of the burning lens were assimilated into the Crocus Guild, who adopted them to instead direct the mystical energies of Gaia through their complex array or glass and bronze to alight targets in any conditions.
Carried in to battle zones by a plodding insectile construct, the Basilisk may at first seem frail with its exposed weaponry and gently swishing bladed tail, but the illusion is shortly broken when front ranks of the enemy are cleanly severed limb-from-limb by an invisible beam of hissing energy, or erupt into flames from the heat of Gaias blood.
Basilisk, Zuese Expeditionary Light Warjack
SPD-4 STR-7 MAT-4 RAT-6 DEF-12 ARM-17 CMD- -
Points Cost- 4
Base Size- Medium
Calibration- When this model forfeits its movement to gain the aiming bonus, its initial ranged attack damage roll is automatically boosted this activation.
Weapons [Basilisk]
Burning Lens [1x] (-) ? RNG: 12 ROF: 1 AOE: POW: 14
Tail Strike [1x] (-) - POW: 4 P+S: 11

As I mentioned with the Alphyn, this is one of the two ranged light 'jacks I promised, I have also added another ability to the Bursar called "Under the Table".

10-31-2010, 02:53 AM
AWEsome. I am consistently impressed by both the fluff and the rules you've created for the crocus guild constructs. Bravo.

Also, the Bursar's new ability is really neat. Very novel idea!

10-31-2010, 03:25 AM
Hey, very cool ideas dude... but I am here to ask a favor, my thread got many new things, and I need someone who gives criticsm on them, i added new units and solos :).

simon sez
10-31-2010, 05:52 AM
Glad you both like it.

@ Redscores- I have posted some C&C in your thread, in honesty I have been avoiding your thread so as to avoid crossing ideas from yours to mine.

10-31-2010, 07:00 AM
Ah. Ok, as a information, the basilisk is a bit weak, compare him with a charger, I would atleast increase his range by 2... because 2 boosted POW 12 shots for 3 focus is better as 1 boosted POW 14 shot for 1 focus BUT you have to aim for that. Or reduce his cost to 4 instead, then it would be ok I guess...

EDIT: I just looked at the stats men... this jack is not even worth 4 points, the spd of 4 is NOT good for this warjack, additional he has the worst defensive stats of every warjack in the game, seriously, DEF 12 and ARM 16? thats the lowest of all 'jacks. I would atleast boost his DEF to 13 and his SPD to 5 or 6 and then reduce his cost to 4. That would balance him, if you look at any other faction, the 4 point warjacks are far superior to this one.

11-01-2010, 12:09 AM
I like "Under the Table" - very neat idea, that.

I agree with redscores that the Basilisk is overpriced for what it does. RNG 12 and ARM 17 wouldn't be overpowered.

11-01-2010, 01:11 AM
Up the speed and DEF by one and drop the points by one and he'll be exactly what he's supposed to be... A cheap gun platform that is low maintenance but REALLY not meant to get engaged.
Reach on the tail might also give him a chance to pull off a decent freestrike or two... otherwise the opponent can just mosey on past him.

simon sez
11-02-2010, 03:34 AM
Okey-doke; I upped the ARM to 17, and the RNG to 12, gave his tail strike Reach and dropped him to 4pts. He's still as I imagined him, just better at it.

Being low SPD low DEF was important thematically, I can't describe something as plodding and then make it similarly nimble to the other Lights.

simon sez
11-02-2010, 03:50 AM
As I'm working on eKaa and eMbn at the moment, I thought I would have a crack at actually writing fiction in the fiction forum (Radical I know!) this is part one of Kaa turning epic, the second part will involve both he and Mbn to tie their stories together.

Aab Mee-Vin, Highest Novitae of the Crocus Guild, refused to look down at what he was stepping in, nor did he deign to acknowledge the titters and alien calls of the locals he could hear outside the limited vision of his broad flax-weaved hood as he slogged through the soused dirt track that counted as the main avenue for Kingston-on-Fenn, the hamlet some 60 miles north of Mercir where he had been directed to try and barter for basic supplies for the staff of his master on the Enegomeaeh.

As his face tightened with the effort of seeming calm as he heaved his Getas out of a deceptively deep mud-hole with an embarrassing sucking sound his mind turned back to the town committee he and his surly translator Barton Flass had just finished kowtowing with (Flass's own words, he had seemed delighted with the shapes it formed his mouth into: "Kooowwtoooww"); a slovenly group of tired old men to his eye, all gray beards and dry lips constantly smacking whenever they heard something they liked, their header, the most portly of them all, had kept groping a small circle of brass upon a short ribbon pinned upon his jacket; Aab had presumed the trinket to be some symbol of office, and had been surprised when Barton had explained en route to his horse that it was a medal awarded to the man for his wartime achievements. Now as he strode on passed the wooden sign that proclaimed the limits of the town it struck him that not one of the cat-callers and mudslingers he had passed on his way had been a man of his age; only the young, the enfeebled and some few womenfolk, none of them in their prime either. He had heard of the current war aboard ship, of course, but to have such a remote place stripped of all those fit to go... What scale of conflict could reap such a heavy toll on lives?

"Nice weather, ain't it?"

Aab jerked from his reveries and span to look upon whoever had just addressed him in his native tongue "Blast!" He thought "I am not one to follow the herd, but with so little sun here, perhaps one of those hats they wear here would be preferable to this blessed hood?"
Standing upon the hillside overlooking the path he was following back down to his ships berth was a short, slight man, dressed in the simple poncho and dhoti of the peasantry and pair of large leather boots, which looked almost too heavy for the mans scrawny legs to lift. On his back was a large shallow cooking pan and a deep woven basket held with a strap across the mans shoulders. He looked like a prospector, one of the many dirt-poor farmers and laborers who had stowed upon the Enegoemeaeh and her sister ships looking for wealth, but his eyes... they were different; they didn't show the ingrained fear and deference that normally manifested itself in an outsider exposed to a city-man, and they were dark, even with the weak sunlight striking him in the face there was no glimmer in them, just two deep, dark pools gazing steadily at him!

Trying not to appear flustered at the strangeness of the man before him, Aab Mee-Vin plastered on a carefully benevolent smile, folded his arms into their wide sleeves and bent his Guild-trained memory towards recalling the mans name:
"Ah, Kaa-mbn-"
"Kaa-fn." The man instantly corrected "Toh."
He didn't blink.
Aab's smile simply grew wider, even as his nerves began to fray slightly.
"So it is; Kaa-fn-Toh! What brings you so far from the ship? Fetching some food for yourself?"
He nodded to the pan dangling from Kaa's back. Kaa returned the smile this time, but it was a cold one.
"Just so, sir." He replied "Just so indeed."

Something rough nudged against Aab's right calf, instinctively he kicked away with a small cry of distaste, but whatever it was held on, Aab glanced down to see what foul native breed was bothering him and beheld a rope as thick as his wrist attached above the anklet of his Geta, four strands of fibers had unraveled at the tip and wrapped themselves around his shin.
Completely taken aback, Aab looked from the rope back to Kaa's face, which now wore a predatory grin, his features gave a twitch of concentration, and suddenly Mee-Vin was collapsed howling on the ground, the clutching strands now plunged deep into his flesh like fishing hooks. Gasping from the explosions of pain traveling up his leg Aab seized the rope with both hands and heaved with all his might, which only led to pain so great it made black dots blossom and die before his eyes, causing him to release his grip and collapse onto his back, eyes rolling in incomprehension
"H-How is this happening!" he thought wildly "Why is this happening!!!"

With a start the rope began tugging with steady force on his captured leg, slithering him up the sodden hillside, a steady cascade of mud in his wake as he was hoisted upwards. His fingers clinging ineffectually to the loose soil Aab tried to sit up, following the rope with his eyes he traced it straight up the hill, there was the bald earth where it had scraped over the grass from its circuitous path through the bushes and the rocks further on, and there was Kaa-fn-Toh's basket, with a pitter patter of mud falling from the rope as it scraped over its lip. Kaa himself was no longer slouched but instead standing proudly facing the prone Aab, the grin was gone again, replaced with a focused glare.

"No!" Aab sobbed, heaving himself onto his belly to a chorus on agony from his snatched leg. His left arm disappeared up his right sleeve, and after a few moments of desperate rummaging it emerged again, clutching the most valuable tool of the Crocus Guild; a two inch long, narrow wooden pick, with one point and one blunted end. Planting his free leg is a deep furrow of mud his other hand worked madly smoothing and clearing a patch of mud mere inches from his face. Even as he bit his bottom lip against the pain in his leg hard enough to draw blood he recalled the drone of his tutor, Famallsuesse

"A Guildsman's tools should always be clean, Aab Mee-Vin; a clean pick, a clean tablet, and a clean mind. Only with all these tools in fine condition can your works be great"

At the time he had thought the old man was only warning about wasting his Apprentices allowance on favorable company, but with fingers of rope deep enough that they must surely be entwined around his bone, and that bastard Kaa standing so pompous on that hill, waiting for him to be heaved to whatever grisly fate was waiting for him atop it, the words had new meaning; this could well be his one shot at escaping this madman, and no stray piece of grass could be permitted! As the strain in his legs grew so great he thought he may well snap at the waist like a wishbone he ended his markings with a final swish and flourish and threw himself onto his back as by his side something unseen began throwing mud into the air like waves breaking on the prow of a ship.

Atop the hill Kaa had shifted into a braced position with the effort of pulling the resistant Aab upward. Now he jerked upright as from the ground erupted a blade of shining mud-brown marble: Taller than a man, moving faster than any horse, its razor sharp front edge slammed into Kaa in less time than it took to blink and emerged near instantly on the other side in a spray of gore, the pan that Kaa had worn on his back was flung away by the impact and span crazily in the earth before landing with a slap.

simon sez
11-02-2010, 03:51 AM
Even as the blade sank back into the ground like a shark diving back into the deeps Kaa's body began to slump; the two perfectly severed halves of his body sliding against each other as they collapsed to the ground. Aab watched in morbid fascination. When he had displayed the Baked Earth Guillotine to his tutors in the dojo the targets had been faceless clay Wallahs, that had shattered upon impact to a spontaneous round of applause from the onlookers. To watch the effects on a human body was somewhat less exciting. Almost of its own accord his stomach gave a heave and Aab turned his head as a heady mix of fish, rice and bile spurted from his mouth and began to run with the rich, earthy-smelling mud. His leg still throbbing terribly Aab pushed himself up on his elbows and surveyed the damage; the four strands were still embedded firmly in the flesh of his leg, and blood was seeping from every puncture mark. The rope itself had at least stopped its inexorable pull however, and was lying limp in a ribbon joining him to the bizarre basket now resting off-kilter by Kaa-fn-Toh's corpse.
“He'll have a knife for this. Something to cut me loose after he finished me”
Grimacing Aab shifted himself to be looking up the hill from his belly and began a slow, purposeful crawl upward to where Kaa's bisected body was crouched on its knees, each half supporting the other, there was surprisingly little blood around the body, only a pile of intestines sitting between his legs like-
“Like ropes.” Aab though as he pulled his useless leg over the crest of the hill “Just like a spool of ropes”

The pan had not been the only thing Aab's strike had thrown clear of the body: There was a small backgammon box, there a plank of wood with a hoop of rope on one end, and there! Yes! A small, serrated knife lying but two feet from the very rope he meant to use it on. No longer worrying about pain Aab's crawl turned to a scramble as he rushed to seize the knife with both hands. Laughing and crying at the same time Aab held tightly to the knife's hilt with one hand lest it somehow fly away, and with the other pulled a length of the rope to him. So eager was he to be free of it, that at first he fruitlessly stabbed at it, but after a few deep breaths he found his senses and began sawing at the rope slow strokes causing a rasp as the tightly wound strands resisted the blade. Perhaps it was this that was his damnation, as beneath the loud rasping of the knife against the rope and his own heavy breathing there was another sound; a rustling, like lengths of knotted rope being dragged across each other...

Suddenly a shadow fell over the hunched over Aab, and as he threw his head around to see the cause an uncontrolled scream tore itself out of him.
Standing above him, with black strings still darting like an invisible seamstress sewing the two parts of him back together, was Kaa, a separate grin on each side of his face. As the hurried black strings drew his lips together they began to shape into words;
“Impressive. You have quick hands, I'll keep those.”

Before Aab could do anything but whimper as a dampness that had nothing to do with rainwater spread across his lap Kaa's entire body seemed to erupt in a spray of gore as hundreds, if not thousands of black strings tore themselves from under his skin and dived toward him, each puncturing deep into him in perfect alignment with their origins in Kaa's own body. With one smooth pull the strings heaved Aab upright and facing Kaa as the strands in his leg finally released and slithered back into the basket. The strings tugged again and suddenly Aab was stepping stepping forward so that the two mens faces were only inches from each other. Aab's eyes darted to and fro as he tried to absorb what had just happened to him.

“Y-your skills” He managed to splutter around the three strings embedded in his lips “L-l-like Alelsuesse!”
“No.” Kaa-fn-Toh replied, as beneath his bifurcated poncho a bizarre, writhing bulge began to take form.
“Not. At. All.”

It was now past sunset in a secluded valley on the other side of the hill. Kaa sat by the fire he had began, paying close attention to what he had cooking over it in his wide, shallow pan, occasionally stirring it with the length of wood he held in one hand. Seemingly satisfied he reached into the pan with his other hand and plucked from it a human arm, reddened and crispy from the heat of the fire, without a glance he slammed the stump of the arm against his left side, not even flinching as steam hissed from the join, already teeming black strings were erupting from his skin to bind the arm to himself, whilst the blackened fingers began to twitch and clench in a frenzy. Paying no heed to this, Kaa took the other arm and planted it into the skin beneath his right shoulder blade, where the same thing began in earnest.

Sighing in apparent contentment at a job well done, Kaa took the handle of the pan and tilted it over the fire, pouring a thick red juice onto it that extinguished the whole thing in a cloud of black smoke. He didn't need the warmth. He didn't need the light.

11-02-2010, 08:37 AM
You are a hell of a writer, simon sez.
And I don't just say that to anyone.

If ever there was a doubt in my mind that it should've been Kaa over Lee, you just allayed my fears.

simon sez
11-03-2010, 03:21 AM
Phew! Thanks for that iknowinternet, I was a little worried about this.

Part 2 will hopefully be up before the weeks out, dependant on Real Life, but there will probably be more homebrews to tide you over while you wait.

simon sez
11-04-2010, 08:52 AM
One of a number of organisations that operate beyond the bounds of the walls of Zu's fortified municipalities; the Gupta's are a society of political police, utterly loyal to the lord of the city, for a price. Also known derisively as Monkey-Men or Rooftoppers for their methods of covering ground at speed by traversing the tops of the crowded slums that fill every spare metre of the cit limits, the Guptas are gifted at catching whoever they are sent after with their flying claws, further enhanced with Crocus Guild tablets to animate their clawed tips into grasping life.
The appearence of the Guptas as part of the Zuese Expedition are a source of consternation to all who are part of it; do the city leaders plan on simply disappearing anyone who looks to enhance their own fortunes, or is the mysterious headman of the Guptas making his (or her) own play for power? Whatever the case may be, these veiled agents are earning their welcome against all aggressors to the Expedition with their prodigious skills.
Zuese Guptas, Zuese Expeditionary Unit
SPD-6 STR-6 MAT-6 RAT-5 DEF-14 ARM-14 CMD-9
FA- 2
Points Cost- Leader & 5 Grunts: 5pts
Base Size- Small
Leader & Grunts
Chain Strike- This model's melee range extends to 4" during its activation.
Lash- This model and friendly warrior models in B2B with it cannot be knocked down.
Weapons [Leader & Grunts]
Flying Claw- POW-4 P+S- 10
Chain Weapon- this attack ignores the Buckler and Shield weapon qualities and Shield Wall.
Binding- A model that is hit suffers a cumulative -2 DEF for one turn. When a model is hit by three or more Binding attacks in the same turn, it becomes Stationary for one round.

Not the conclusion to the story I'm afraid, but a concept I've been playing with in my head for a few days now. I have to say when I started this I never dreamt Zu's theme would emerge as, well... Bondage!

11-04-2010, 08:13 PM
I like the idea, but a 5-man unit with shadow bind on each...?
I am rather surprised that, based on their description, they don't have Acrobatics. Lash on a unit is very interesting, though.
The one thing saving a unit of Shadow Binders from being utterly broken, however, is the fact that they are DEF14 ARM14 with no built-in survivability buffs.

Maybe instead of Shadow Bind, you could steal an ability I put on one of my Homebrew casters:

Kneecap - A non-incorporeal enemy model hit suffers -2 SPD for one round.
Prevents charges without preventing EVERYTHING. Naturally, you will have to alter it to make sure it doesn't stack... because that would be broken as all hell.

11-04-2010, 10:55 PM
I completely agree with inknowinternet on this one.

Another possibility : give them a special CMA-like order that causes Shadowbind to ONE model.

simon sez
11-05-2010, 04:01 AM
See? This is why constructive criticism is important; I was so chuffed with my little CMA+Shadow Bind scheme that the idea of just hitting 6 seperate targets didn't even occur to me!

I've changed it to something similar to the Greylord Ternion's Ice Cage, removed CMA (Which doesn't synergise well with the new ability anyway) and added Pathfinder, which I took off the first edition for fear it was OP(?!)

simon sez
11-08-2010, 06:43 AM
As the chuffing of the small paddle steamer making its way back down the Black River was silkily smothered by the sounds of nature, Mbn Af-Wahl took a moment to appreciate the verdant life around him, the softness of the grass brushing against the exposed arches of his feet, the dappling light through the canopy of the grove he stood under, the chorus of song from unseen birds all around him, the exotic smells of life in abundance in every breath he took, proof of his theory of Gaia as the master craftsman, creating original works of such beauty that all mankind could do was endeavor to imitate him, unsuccessfully he might add (No matter what the haughty masters of the Crocus Guild said to the contrary).

Everything around him was so very different from the arid soil of his homeland, mercilessly yoked and controlled to eke out every last ounce of produce. Oh, he knew there were jungles far in the south of Zu, engaged in ceaseless battle against the axes and torches of Hn-Gni and Bow-an, twin cities as likely to turn their tools on each other as on the encroaching treeline. Still, this was not the time to dwell on things back in the old country
-?When did I start calling it that? ? He mused-
nor did he have time to fitter away admiring the scenery; soon enough the barge would be back, this time heavily laden with camping equipment, supplies, and lesser guildsmen to scurry around and get in his way, and Mbn was loathe to let them find something he hadn't. So, hitching the strap of his satchel higher onto his shoulder with a metallic clank of various peculiar items within, double-checking his bearings against the west-leaning Sun and starting to hum the strains of racy sailors tune he had learned aboard the Phinneas Shae, he began to forge his way through the undergrowth, his ensorcelled staff Rungu put to good use for once in beating away low-lying branches.

After nearly an hour of pushing through the brush of the riverside, Mbn was quite relieved to find himself stepping into a sun-drenched clearing, just where the barge's skipper had been promised it would be. There was little vegetation here higher than his knee, all that covered the ground was spindly grasses, clumps of gorse and scatterings of jagged stones all around the place surrounded by a definite treeline that ringed the clearing in a neat circle. In the center of the clearing was a cluster of what looked to be large stones, or perhaps collapsed masonry, all apparently relying on their neighbors to remain upright, and uniquely black against the red clay that made up the areas soil.

Surveying all of this, the inevitable question
?What on Earth could have caused this??
soon blossomed, and was closely followed by a wave of memories of horror stories told aboard ship by the Immorese sailors and ingrained subconsciously onto Af-Wahls talented mind, every word of them recalled with perfect clarity despite his best efforts not to pay them any mind: Tales of a race of man-monsters, hulking brutes adorned with black iron and macabre iconography that 12 centuries ago had swept across an entire continent with their foul magiks and blades and brought all peoples they encountered under their heel. When they finally fell, defeated by the ancestors of the crude anthropomorphic automatons Mbn had observed several times since his arrival, the ousted rulers of the world had scoured near every shred of their existence from the land, leaving as their only monument a nightmare shared by an entire race of Mankind. While all well and good to amuse oneself around the campfire (And to observe the meaningful looks the Northerners gave to Zuese as they told the tale of a race of barbarians invading their homes from across the sea) it was not the tales of history that had caught Mbn Af-Wahl's attention; rather it was rumors of current events that interested him. If there was a grain of truth to the stories, the mysterious invaders had been unsuccessful in their ?Scourge? as it was called, and now those who could harness the rare artifacts they had left behind were at a great advantage in the war that was tearing the New World apart, as stories were passed around of muscled lunatics cutting down friend and foe alike on the northern front with the aid of apparently possessed swords.

Whatever the truth of these tales was, it all suggested that whoever the Orgoth had been, they had possessed power, and that was what the Crocus Guild excelled at; gaining it, understanding it, and controlling it!
Mbn couldn't help but smile as he picked his way over loose rock and thorny brush at what his ?Superiors? would permit him in exchange for the power he sought here; sponsoring the realignment matrices he had theorized for inducing weather changes in drought-struck regions perhaps. Or perhaps permitting him to move the dart craft onto human-scale testing, the survival rates for the chinchilla's had risen to above 50% after all, and the potential for increased trade in ideas between the cities was surely worth a small personal risk? That was where Mbn truly clashed with the entrenched elders of the Guild; they believed power was best held close to the chest, whereas he could see that influence came from being the man who gave that power to the people-
?Power to the people? he thought absent-absentmindedly ?Yes... A little simplistic but-!?

The clatter of many wings clapping pulled him out of his political musings and he gave a start as the world he saw around him: As he had started across the bare field the ruins ahead had seemed distant, but after only a few moments
?It was only a few moments, wasn't it??
He had found himself almost walking straight into them, and that wasn't all. Decades of study had granted 2nd Degree Architect Mbn Af-Wahl a terrific eye for detail as well as a prodigious memory, and both were now screaming that things were awry; the layout of the ruins, at least as it had seemed to him from afar, had been a pyramidal tumble-down structure, where now it appeared as a ruined but clearly defined floor-plan of a expansive villa or some such thing.
All around him the woodland that before had seemed equidistant from the ruins for acres suddenly appeared much closer, and much less inviting than it had when he had admired it some hours ago, almost as if the forest had caught him unawares and was closing in on him. At its closest point the shadows of the treeline was almost touching his own, which pulled him reluctantly toward the most jarring realization
?The Sun is wrong. The SUN is WRONG!!!?
Much as he tried to stifle the treacherous thought beneath years of rationale, the evidence of his eyes refused to change; even as he stared raptly at his lengthy shadow he could swear he could see it inching towards its fellow only a few meters away, which was doing the same towards him!

His heart was hammering now, completely beyond even his control, the force of it was making a drumming in his ears that added to the bizarreness of everything, and for a distressing moment the ground beneath his feet seemed to cant crazily around him, throwing the horizon up towards the sky. Instinctively trying to balance himself against the apparent pitch and yaw of Gaia Mbn reached out and gripped the charred
charredcharredthesuniswrongandtheearthisburningmot her!
wall of the ruins, only to pull it quickly back with a

The earth had ceased its mad to-and-fro, and with an almost audible snap reality came back into focus, which would all have been very reassuring had Mbn not been preoccupied with a new strangeness before him. The wall had felt incredibly cold, almost enough to become a burning pain, but that wasn't what was so distressing; as Af-Wahl held his hand tucked beneath the pit of his arm he stared transfixed at the handprint on the wall where he had touched it, as clear as if it had been a chilled wine bottle, and all around it things seemed to be shifting into new shapes before his eyes. With the warm phantom of his hand as its center what before had been a scattering of random shades and shapes was coalescing almost imperceptibly into a form, a human, 2-dimensional form.

In his core Mbn could feel the well of panic beginning to spill over again, but this time he was prepared. With deliberate slowness he began to move, raising both hands above his head and his left leg into the air, before bringing all three down again, now with his right elbow held in the cup of his left hand, the right one tucked beneath his lowered chin, as the ball of his left foot settled gently upon the toes of the right. Crooking his right leg ever so slightly Mbn closed his eyes and let out a deep exhale, settling into a Divine Pose of Contemplation to make any Guild tutor weep. Responding to years of indoctrination Mbn's heart rate immediately began to slow, as outside his self-made world all sounds and sensations seemed to drift away;
?Now, Gaia.? He breathed ?Show me the truth of this place.?


Sorry I didn't fulfill my promise to have the whole thing done by the Sunday, RL and some other fan projects I've somewhat foolishly undertaken have prevented that, also, it's getting a little longer than I had imagined. Probably a few days until the conclusion yet, hope you enjoy this at least.

simon sez
11-16-2010, 05:19 AM
Yes, I'll confess; the story has stalled. So instead I have a few more profiles for you:

What little humanity Kaa-fn-Toh may have had when he first performed the black rites of rope magic has long since been wrung out of him. Now a monster in sheeps clothing, the blooded threads that make up his body writhe and shift beneath the thin gauze of skin he hides behind while the blackened arms of yet another Crocus Guildsman joins his gristly collection; a miserly hoard of organs sustaining him as a profane mockery of life.
Kaa-fn-Toh, The Demon of Strings, Zuese Expeditionary Epic Warcaster
SPD-5 STR-6 MAT-6 RAT-6 DEF-13 ARM-16 CMD-6 FOC-7
Warjack Points- +4
Base Size- Small
Damage- 15
Feat: Spiders Web- When an enemy model advances into or ends its activation within this model’s control area, a model in this model’s battlegroup currently in its control area can make a full advance and perform one normal melee attack. Spiders Web lasts for one round.
Demon of Strings
Body Snatcher- This model gains a corpse token each time it destroys a living enemy Warrior model with a melee attack. It can spend a corpse token during its activation to heal d3 damage points.
Manifestation- This model does not have the Power Field Warcaster special rule.
Evil Unmasked- If this model is reduced to ten or fewer damage boxes, he gains the Terror advantage. If he is reduced to five or fewer, he gains the Abomination advantage. These benefits remain even if this model heals.
Weapons [Demon of Strings]
Blooded Knot- RNG: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: - POW: 12
Chain Weapon- This attack ignores the Buckler and Shield weapon qualities and Shield Wall.
Scimitars [2x] - POW: 3 P+S: 9
Double Strike- When this model spends a focus point to make additional attacks with this weapon, it can make two additional attacks for each focus point spent.
Gaping Maw- POW: 7 P+S: 14
Spells [Demon of Strings]
Replication- Cost: * RNG: Self AOE: CMD UP: No OFF: No
For each focus point this model spend it may place one small-based Replica marker anywhere within its LOS and completely within its command range. Replicas are a Structure with ARM 12 and 1 damage point. When this model is hit by an enemy melee attack, a Replica within this model’s command range can be removed from the table instead of this model suffering damage. This spell lasts for one round, at the end of the opponents turn remove any remaining Replicas.
Wire Explosion- Cost: 2 RNG: SP8 AOE: - POW: 10 UP: No OFF: Yes
Enemy models with an equal or smaller base hit by Wire Explosion are pushed directly towards this model, stopping if they contact an obstacle, an obstruction, or a model with an equal or larger-sized base.
Rope Ladder- Cost: 2 RNG: Self AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF: No
This model gains Stealth, elevated target, and elevated attacker.
Grapevine- Cost: 3 RNG: Self AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF: No
The next time this model is directly hit by an enemy ranged or magic attack, after the attack is resolved if this model is not destroyed place it anywhere in B2B with the attacks point of origin, then Grapevine expires.

Mbn Af-Wahl is a broken soul; after the harrowing vision he beheld outside the Orgoth ruins, and the desperate battle against the creature Kaa-fn-Toh within its dark corridors, the self-excommunicated Architect of the Crocus Guild has had his faith in humanity irrepairably shaken. Driven to seeking solace in a mist of alcohol, Mbn has found his already potent skills to be evolving in stronger, more destructive forms; taking these changes as a calling from Gaia, Mbn has taken upon himself a one-man crusade against the arcania of the Iron Kingdoms, condemning them as murderers of the Earth.
The Drunkard Mbn Af-Wahl, Zuese Expeditionary Epic Warcaster
SPD-5 STR-7 MAT-6 RAT-5 DEF-14 ARM-16 CMD-7 FOC-7
Warjack Points- +6
Base Size- Small
Damage- 17
Feat: Terracotta Army- Mbn Af-Wahl summons 10 Wallah models, placing them within 3” of Mbn Af-Wahl. Summoned models are solos and must charge during their activations. Summoned models must leave play at the end of this turn.
Mbn Af-Wahl
Stumbling Drunk- This model cannot be knocked down. Unless it is advancing if this model is hit by an enemy attack, after the attack is resolved this model is pushed d3” in a direction determined by the deviation template. After this movement, you can choose this models facing.
Gaia’s Champion- When a rough terrain or forest AOE template is placed on the table during your opponents turn as a result of a spell, animus, or weapon effect, immediately after the effect is resolved this model can cast a spell with COST 3 or less without spending focus.
Weapons [Mbn Af-Wahl]
Wrathful Rungu- POW: 5 P+S: 12
Beat Back- Immediately after a normal attack with this weapon is resolved during this model’s combat action, the enemy model hit can be pushed 1” directly away from the attacking model. After the enemy model is pushed, the attacking model can advance up to 1”.
Gaia’s Light- RNG: SP6 ROF: 1 AOE: - POW: 12
Spells [Mbn Af-Wahl]
Diamond Edged- Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF: No
Target friendly model/unit gains Weight of Stone on their normal melee attacks (When a model is damaged by a weapon with Weight of Stone it suffers -3 SPD and DEF for one round)
Earth Spikes- Cost: 3 RNG: 10 AOE: 3 POW: 13 UP: No OFF: Yes
When making this attack; ignore cover and the +2DEF bonus for elevation. On a critical hit, models hit are knocked down.
Mage Blight- Cost: 5 RNG: Self AOE: CTRL POW: - UP: No OFF: No
While in this model’s control area, for one round living enemy models cannot cast spells or use feats.
Reassembly- Cost: 3 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OFF: No
When target Warjack in this model’s battlegroup is destroyed by an enemy attack, place it anywhere within 3” of its current location. It heals one damage point in each column; then Reassembly expires.
Scourge- Cost: 4 RNG: 8 AOE: 3 POW: 13 UP: No OFF: Yes
All models hit by Scourge are knocked down.

11-17-2010, 12:46 AM
Kaa-fn-Toh, The Demon of Strings

I really like this guy!
Stats and special rules look fine
Double Strike is going to let him unload a LOT of attacks if he camps and that's a LOAD of corpses. By my math that's 17 attacks (2 initial Scimitars, 1 intital Maw and up to 14 (!) additional Scimitars).
Replication needs to specify if / when the Replicas are removed from play should he not need to use them.
Wire Explosion could easily be replaced with Gallows. I feel the "any distance" part is a little OP.
Not sure why you would cast Grapevine since he'll want Rope Ladder in place most of the time.

The Drunkard Mbn Af-Wahl

This guy screams "Arcane Dimentia" to me.
CMD 9 on a drunk is interesting.
Gaia's Champion will make Circle cry bitter, bitter tears even if he's only firing off Earth Spikes each time.
Feat looks fine.
Diamond Edged really shouldn't upkeepable, especially on himself.

Edit to add: One last point on the Guptas - Chain Strike but not Chain Weapon? I don't think the addition would be too much.

simon sez
11-17-2010, 09:51 AM
@ Jaren- Might subdivide this reply the same way you do:
Kaa-fn-Toh, the Demon of Strings
Hooray again!!
Very true, but with an average MAT and a lowly P+S 9, being able to dispatch those corpses is something of a challenge, after boosting to damage both attacks that's only 1 focus saved per scimitar.
[I was thinking of nerfing them slightly; maybe removing double strike for rear attack & parry to make them more defense-oriented and rely on the maw for corpse-gathering, which fits more with the narrative, your thoughts?]
Okay, will fix that.
Wire Explosion was meant to serve a definite purpose; to bring the enemy to him to be killed off in melee in droves, perhaps using the insane double strike combo you pointed out. sort of Gallows' greedy little brother.
Not sure really, though in its defence most casters have one spell that never sees action. One thing you could do with it is:
. I take a 'Jack heavy list, pop Kaas feat to put off charges and upkeep Grapevine.
. Enemy model (lets assume it is a Long Gunner) aims and hits Kaa.
. Grapevine activates and I place Kaa in B2B with the shooting model, all other models in enemy unit now have the Target in melee penalty.
. Note that as Spiders Web is an aura, once this unit deactivates Kaa can move and perform one attack since the CTRL AOE is now centred on them. You deactivate the unit, I fix Kaa's facing if necessary and gobble up the shooter.
. You are now faced with Kaa in the midst of your lines, a large CTRL range which means the majority of my 'jacks (If I was careful) are still within range of Spiders Web and so is most of your army.
. If you deactivate a model/unit within 14" of Kaa, he or one of my 'jacks can move, perhaps I will gobble up the Long gunners friends and stack up on Spare Parts. If you don't kill him this turn, I could conceivably have a fully replenished melee monster in your face my next turn.

The Drunkard Mbn Af-Wahl
Hmm, maybe...
He's an angry drunk, the riot starting kind;)
That'll teach 'em, mwahahaha! Do I need to clarify it? AOE is meant to mean the 3" 4" and 5" templates, not CTRL or CMD.
Shall fix that.

If you don't think it's a bit much? Sweet!

11-17-2010, 11:23 PM
RE: Guptas

I don't think it's too much since they're so squishy.

RE: Kaa-fn-Toh

Removing the Replicas during the maintenance phase makes a little more sense to me. Still, it's fine as is.

With the Double Strike thing, my thinking is that he'll be willing to burn FOC on attacks more that most casters since he has no Powerfield and he's really not going to want to be engaged on his opponent's turn. Even at MAT 6, P&S 9 you'll put the hurt on most things - after ~14 attacks you're bound to have rolled SOMETHING.

Theorymachine aside, while Gravevine is up I'd only ever shoot at him if I KNEW he'd die. That spell is big, neon sign that says "NO PLINKING". Hmm...I think I just figured out when I'd use it too.

Wire Explosion is one I'm going to have to look harder at. I'll grant you that it's a gamble to use it - what if you can't kill everything you pull in? Maybe you could word it "...are pushed into melee range..." stopping when they hit terrain, yadda yadda. That way he'll HAVE to deal with enemy models in his face.

RE: The Drunkard

Gaia's Champion is worded fine.

Having had some experience dealing with riotus drunks, it's more the mob reaching critical mass than a strong leader that keeps things rolling. For an in-game comparison - Asheth Magnus is inspiring enough to make whole units of Longgunner and Trencher Infantry desert Cygnar. He's CMD 7.

simon sez
11-18-2010, 08:51 AM
Okay, I have Wire Explosion to a sort or reverse slam into his melee range like you suggested, and knocked down Mbn's CMD a couple of notches.

11-19-2010, 05:24 AM
As written Wire Explosion won't cause Collateral Damage as it is a push effect. I guess I wasn't really clear on my thoughts here, so this is what I was getting at, in rule form:

Enemy models with an equal or smaller base HIT by Wire Explosion ARE pushed directly towards this model, stopping if they contact an obstacle,, an obstruction, or a model with an equal or larger-sized base.

simon sez
11-19-2010, 10:05 AM
Ah right. Changed again (could've sworn collateral worked...)

I've got something of a backlog of profiles built up, so every post from now on will have one in it; starting with.

Officially the Zuese Expedition is not a military venture; instead it has been described to those who ask as a trading fleet, filled with promises of wealth for Zuese and Immorese alike and populated with honest souls seeking their fortunes, a new life or simply to escape what they left behind. This is a lie, of course; as though they wear no insignia of rank or regiment the military arm of Zu?s cities wander abroad in the shape of the No-Men.
So dubbed for their apparent lack of a name, history or ambitions beyond the completion of their orders, a No-Man can blend in to any surroundings, wait with infinite patience for the right time to strike, and then spring upon unsuspecting officers with a flash of deadly steel.
No-Man, Zuese Expeditionary Solo
SPD-7 STR-6 MAT-7 RAT-4 DEF-14 ARM-12 CMD-8
FA- 2
Points Cost- 2
Base Size- Small
Damage- 5
Camouflage- This model gains an additional +2DEF when benefitting from concealment or cover.
Prey- After deployment but before the first players turn, choose an enemy model/unit to be this model/unit's prey. This model gains +2 to attack and damage rolls against its prey. When this model begins its activation within 10" of its prey, it gains +2" movement that activation. When the prey is destroyed or removed from play, choose another model/unit to be the prey.
Weapons [No-Man]
Scimitar- POW: 6 +S: 12
Critical Decapitation- On a critical hit, damage exceeding the ARM of the model hit is doubled. A model disabled by this attack cannot make a Tough roll.

simon sez
11-19-2010, 10:05 AM
Manning and maintaining an army is an expensive exercise, and one that doesn't come without risk. As an innovative solution to the problem, the Crocus Guild has lately being turning it's subservient Wallah constructs toward a more challenging labour than heavy lifting. Warfare.
Capable only of grasping simple commands encrypted on their Life Tablets, Wallahs nonetheless make for challenging adversaries, with their rock-hard skin and formidable strength, and guided by their shepherding Guildsmen, they can prove to be a match to even trained living warriors.
Crocus Guildsman & Wallahs, Zuese Expeditionary Guildsman Unit
SPD-6 STR-5 MAT-5 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-13 CMD-7
SPD-4 STR-7 MAT-4 RAT-3 DEF-11 ARM-14 CMD-5
FA- 2
Point Cost- Leader & 5 Grunts: 3pts. Leader & 9 Grunts: 5pts
Base Size- Small
[] Life Tablet
[] Life Tablet
[] Life Tablet
[] Life Tablet
[] Life Tablet
Sow Wallah- During this model’s activation, you can mark one or more Life Tablet boxes on its card. For each Life Tablet box you mark, add a Wallah Grunt model to this unit in formation.
Self-Sacrifice- If this model is disabled by an enemy attack, you can choose a non-disabled model in this unit within 3” of this model to be destroyed. If another model is destroyed as a result of Self-Sacrifice, this model heals 1 damage point.
Weapons [Leader]
Stave [1x] - POW: 3 P+S: 9
Weapons [Grunts]
Melee Weapons [2x] - POW: 3 P+S: 10

11-19-2010, 08:45 PM
The hits just keep coming! Great stuff!

I don't have time at the moment for a full C&C of the epics... i will get there.

The No-Man is fantastic. Like a manhunter that requires more skill to run, and which provides a great deal of psychological board control, lurking in the forest and waiting to run in and go snickersnack.

I looooooooove the Wallah unit. The only thing I worry about is that, despite the low MAT, they do put out a large amount of attacks for a cheap unit. Still, I think they are really well balanced. Love em.

11-22-2010, 02:27 AM
Both great. In fact, I can't think of anthing to add - they're fine.

simon sez
11-22-2010, 05:09 AM
I don't think I like doing things right first time; it's boring, no-one talks to you!:D

Honestly though that's great to hear. How is that writing challenge coming along iknowinternet?

Here's hoping then that these are, I guess worse(?!) but still good!

Balor Wallahs
When the ingenuity of the Crocus Guilds members and the near peerless resources they enjoy are considered, it is small wonder there aren't more cautionary tales like that of the Balor Wallahs: Unsatisfied with the Ley Carriages, 3rd Degree Architect Chanansuesse dedicated his career to unlocking the secret of instantaneous transportation. Whether his efforts were a success has never been proven, as he and all objects caught in the pull of the Tablet he built have never been recovered. Taming the Devouring Tablet eventually called for an Architect of the First Degree, who sealed the accursed object within a sphere of pure marble.
Never ones to let opportunity pass, it was only a matter of time until the city leaders got wind of the tablets prodigious destructive powers and demanded them for their personal armies. The reverse engineered tablets are held securely behind their marble shutters and are brought to battle atop cumbersome four-legged Wallah frames guided by an unshakeable Guildsman, who levers the heavy stone hinges up to release the trapped energies hidden inside.
Crocus Guildsman & Balor Wallahs, Zuese Expeditionary Guildsman Unit
SPD-6 STR-5 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-13 CMD-8
SPD-4 STR-9 MAT-7 RAT-4 DEF-11 ARM-16 CMD-1
FA- 1
Points Cost- Leader & 2 Grunts: 7pts, Leader & 4 Grunts: 11pts
Base Size- Leader: Small Base, Grunts: Medium
Damage- Leader: 1, Grunts: 8 each
Stone Heart- This model never flees and automatically passes command checks.
Stonewalled- This model gains +2ARM for each Balor Wallah it is B2B with.
Gaze of Abolition (Order) – Affected Grunts in B2B with this model have their melee attacks replaced with a ranged attack with Critical Grievous Wounds and knockdown:
RNG: SP6 ROF: 1 AOE: - POW: 14
Weapons [Leader]
Goad- POW: 4 P+S: 9
Weapons [Grunts]
Devouring Tablet- POW: 6 P+S: 14
Blast- Centre a 4” AOE on a model directly hit by this attack. Models in the AOE are hit and suffer a POW 10 blast damage roll. On a critical hit, models in the AOE are knocked down. This model is not affected by Blast.
Critical Grievous Wounds- When a model is hit by this weapon, for one round it loses Tough, cannot heal or be healed, and cannot transfer damage.

simon sez
11-23-2010, 04:35 AM
You may have read that yesterday I accidentally deleted a warcaster profile I was working on (Heck, such was mynerd rage you probably felt a disturbance in the force!) Well, he here is for a second try (pleaseohpleaseohplease! work this time!)

Okkokeboke, Silver Bolt
A legend in his own time, the General-for-hire Okkokeboke was laying low cities and forging empires for others in the days when such things depended solely on the skill and courage of men-at-arms; his decimation of the rogue sorcerer Afanmaeah’s superior forces in the Forest of Weel is still held by aspiring tacticians as the standard to which all victories are measure. But the world has moved on, and the great man, now in his seventieth year, had secured his passage to the New World aboard the Grafh, seeking a quiet home away from the painful memories of bygone days, and the constant stream of young men seeking his knowledge, or his life.
Alas, it is not the fate of men of violence to meet a peaceful end, and with the war engulfing Immoren threatening his own people, the Silver Bolt takes up his trusted spear Mercury in anger once more.
Okkokeboke, Zuese Expeditionary Warcaster
SPD-6 STR-7 MAT-9 RAT-4 DEF-15 ARM-15 CMD-9 FOC-6
Warjack Points- +5
Base Size- Small
Damage- 16
Feat: Hidden Victory’s Path, First Opening- If this model forfeits his normal movement this turn enemy models in his control area and LOS forfeit their movement during their next activation. If this model forfeits his combat action this turn enemy models in his control area and LOS forfeit their combat action during their next activation. Hidden Victory’s Path lasts for one round.
Leadership [Phalanx] – While in this model’s command range, friendly Phalanx models gain Flank [Friendly model] (When a model with Flank makes a melee attack against an enemy model within the melee range of a friendly model of the type indicated, that model gains +2 to attack rolls and gains an additional damage die)
Veteran Leader [Living Warrior] – Friendly living warrior trooper models gain +2 to attack rolls while this model is in their LOS
Weapons [Okkokeboke]
Mercury- POW: 7 P+S: 13
Pater- POW: 2 P+S: 8
Spells [Okkokeboke]
Death Sentence- Cost: 2 RNG: 8 AOE: - POW: - UP: Yes OF: Yes
When a friendly Faction model misses a target enemy model/unit with an attack, it can reroll the attack roll. Each attack roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Death Sentence.
Deflection- Cost: 2 RNG: Self AOE: CTRL POW: - UP: No OFF: No
While in this models control area, friendly Faction warrior models gain +2ARM against ranged and magic attack damage rolls. Deflection lasts for one round.
Engine of Destruction- Cost: 2 RNG: Self AOE: - POW: - UP: No OFF No
This model gains +2SPD, +4STR, and +4MAT for one round.
Inviolable Resolve- Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW: - UP: yes OFF: No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains +2ARM and Fearless
Road to War- Cost: 3 RNG: Self AOE: CTRL POW: - UP No OFF: No
Friendly Faction non-warcaster models activating in this model’s control area gain +2” movement this turn.

11-23-2010, 11:24 PM
Balor Wallahs

CMD 1 on the Grunts is going to be "fun" should the officer die.
Should Blast be a *Attack?
One 4" AOE of Grievous Wounds is a little much. 4 per turn is crazy for 8 pts..

Okkokeboke, Silver Bolt

Leadership [Phalanx] feels too strong when applied to (potentially) that many models. Granting the affected models "Gang" looks better to me.
Pater doesn't seem to serve a purpose.

simon sez
11-24-2010, 01:05 PM
A pitfall of using animated rock as a footsoldier, I'm afraid ;) It is too low though, CMD 2, 3?

No, Blast is a normal attack, representing the Devouring Tablet trying to pull everything within reach into itself.

I have adapted the Balor Wallahs to have Critical Grievous Wounds, is this an improvement?

The issue with Gang is that is that it is unit exclusive, whereas Flank is more interdependent. For reference the Phalanx will resemble Steelhead Halberdiers, but at FA 2 (because smuggling 3m long pikes is a difficult task!) Does this affect your opinion at all?

Pater is simply Okkokeboke's trusty old shield, an accessory the concept in my head was born with, given a little impact just to let you know it's there. Just think of it as a free POW 12 under EoD. If it were to have some extra purpose; what would you suggest?

simon sez
11-27-2010, 01:52 PM
As promised, the Phalanx:

The Phalanxes
Where the Iron Kingdoms unquenchable desire to exterminate one another led to leaps of understanding in industrial and arcane sciences to make war an ever-more efficient and terrible tool, in the lands of Zu similar enmities steered the subcontinent's rulers down a divergent path of complex ritual and rattling of sabres where bloodshed was an unexpected result, and the serried ranks of the phalanx played the roles of sword, shield and scorecard all at once.
As the wheels of trade ground on and transnational institutions like the Guptas and Crocus Guild embedded themselves in the heart of the cities, the hereditary rank of Phalanx Brother became little more than an honorific, with the Sarissa's that are their mark of rank becoming heirlooms to be parading out on state occassions or stood at attention in places of honour.
Now though the perils of the New World give the nascent traders and expatriates cause for alarm, and many emigrant Brothers are taking up their ancestral duties in the defense of their fellow man, and the stirring in their heart at seeing famed snd renowned warriors like the Silver Bolt and Abhraim the Cerberus leading the charge.
Phalanx, Zuese Expeditionary Unit
SPD-5 STR-6 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-13 CMD-7
FA- 2
Points Cost- Leader & 5 Grunts: 4pts, Leader & 9 Grunts: 6pts
Base Size- Small
Leader & Grunts
Set Defense- A model in this model's front arc suffers -2 on charge, slam power attack, and impact attack rolls against this model.
Ranked Attacks- Friendly Faction models can ignore this model when determining LOS.
Weapons [Leader & Grunts]
Sarissa- POW: 5 P+S: 11

As always I look forward to any and all C&C you give. And if I could make a small request, anything and everything you have to say on the Epic 'casters and Okkokeboke, please say it; Warcasters are always a challenge and I'll bet there's room for improvement yet, thanks :)

11-28-2010, 06:51 PM
A couple of issues that I think could be quickly addressed.

With the Balor Wallahs, I am confused as to how they are supposed to be attacking. Does each Wallah get that immense POW 15 attack and a huge Obliterator Cannon-esque blast each turn? Or is it like a CMA type-thing? Likewise, do each of them get to make the SP6 attack? If so, you are looking at a simply absurd amount of massive damage. Even the Renegade's Obliterator rockets are Single-shot.
Is "Stonewalled" stacking? As written currently, it is, but that could get him up to 23 ARM (if you don't factor in base sizing placement). This wouldn't be all that bad, but each Wallah is ARM 18, which makes them exceptionally hard to take down (in order to reach the creamy center of the Guildsman). Think about it... most grunts don't have ARM that high, and if they do, they are usually Med. bases (to allow for AP), or have to maintain Shield Wall or Def. Line. These guys probably won't even have to worry about incoming fire... they're just kind of an inevitable atom bomb. They feel a little too "easy button" because of that.

As for Okkokeboke...
I like him, but I find his spell list is not very diverse. He has no damaging offensive spell (which practically every caster has). Remember that many of these army-wide buff will affect him. With EoD, and Inviolable Resolve up (which uses 4 FOC, but is totally worth it) his statline changes from:
SPD-6 STR-7 MAT-9 RAT-4 DEF-15 ARM-15
To this:
SPD-8 STR-11 MAT-13 RAT-4 DEF-15 ARM-17
With a P+S 17 WeaponMaster polearm.
With something like a 13" charge range.
Also, by juggling the buffs, plus the inherent two he gives the Phalanx, they can get silly-high virtual MAT. Keep Leadership OR Veteran Leader, but not both.

His Feat is a really neat idea, but the possibility of completely removing an opponent's ability to do anything is going to make him REAL unpopular, and is probably overpowered. eHaley has a similar feat, and people hate her for it. Still, though, I really like the idea of him just kind of standing back for that one crucial turn to focus his attention on directing his army without distraction, and in return imparting some kind of staggering magical awe into the assault.
It may be just me, but seeing as this guy is kind of the "rank and file" caster, I can't help but feel he should maybe be CMD 9, especially since most of your Expedition models so far have had sub-par CMD scores.

The Phalanx seem really neat, and Boma is a really interesting idea. However... Defensive Strike seems too much like Forfend on the old Steelheads, and that was a first-class HEADACHE to sort out every turn. It brings up too many out-of-turn attacks, which is one of the very things PP said they were trying to streamline/do away with in Mk2. Defensive Strike does exist on some Mk2 models (Stannis Brocker), but it is usually on solos and the like to avoid the shenanigans of an entire unit attacking out of turn.
I'm not sure what you can replace Defensive Strike with, but it should be something viable enough that it makes up for their MAT, which is so low (and no CMA), that they don't look to be worth taking with any caster BUT Okkokeboke.

I don't want any of the above to sound harsh. I am just in a rush, so I couldn't point out the stuff I liked, which was far more numerous! I love watching this ongoing project.


11-29-2010, 12:15 AM
RE: Balor Wallahs

Ok, looking at these guys again:
Blast definately shouldn't work with Gaze.
I think 3" AOE's are more fair.
I disagree with IKI on Stonewalled - I think it's fine as is. With the whole unit in Limousine formation, he's ARM 21 and limited to SPD 4.
The ARM on the Wallas might be too high. Maybe a lower base ARM and that rule from the newest Woldnoun - Clay Skin or something like that.

I'll also disagree with IKI on Okkokeboke - being able to turn himself into a missile is fine for an assassination run but it leaves his army short on buffs and himself vulnerable should he fail. I'd honestly rather see him than Vlad across the table.

RE: Phalanxes

Forefend by any other name is just as broken on a unit, especially given the passive buffs from Okkokeboke.
Boma is intersting, but since it's an Order they won't be charging that turn. Based on lots of games using Steelhead Halbs, if they aren't charging, they're dug in and taking losses. I honestly don't know if I'd ever issue that particular order unless I somehow couldn't charge anything. Without Def. Strike they aren't built to take a charge either, making it a real corner case.

simon sez
11-29-2010, 06:17 AM
Balor Wallahs
I'll bullet point this, cos I've gone at them pretty hard:
. Points have risen
. ARM has fallen.
. So has POW
. Gaze only works in B2B (The Guildsman is fully opening the lenses with his Goad)
. Blast does not work on Gaze, as it is not listed in the attack rules.

@ IKI, the reason he lacks a magic missile is because, as you pointed out, he can become one himself! It will be a monster of an attack, but there are still ways around it.
In defence of his Feat; it is 4" smaller than Haley's, it slows him down, and with it being LOS dependant there are tricks to be pulled such as having cloud effects or terrain in place, it also does nothing about what's behind him. Well done on nailing the narrative behind it though!
Out of the two effects; Leadership and Veteran, which would you suggest I do away with?

I came in on the tail end of Mk1, but apparently I've recreated a monster! :D To do away with OOA problems set defense is now a passive ability, and Boma now grants Cleave; similar effect (one more attack per model) but occurs within your activation. I also added 1 MAT.

Okkokeboke is certainly the Phalanx's go-to guy, but other caster benefit (from) them:
pMbn- 'jack caster mostly, but Lock the target conveniantly has a range equal to the Phalanx's threat, meaning you can go offensive with a unit otherwise meant to be defensive.
eMbn- Granting Weight of Stone on a unit capable of generating up to 20 attacks on a perfect day is nothing to sniff at, pray for luck from the front rank and the second shall have a much easier time poking multi-wound units to death. Scourge also helps since it auto knocks down models under the AOE, making them easy pickings.
pAbhraim- Calamity makes them effective MAT 8 P+S: 13, or at hte cost of an average DEF becoming a low one (but increased by 2 thanks to SD) they can be P+S 14 (With a possible 2 attacks, remember!)
pAlelsuesse- Love Knot allows Phalanx Brothers benefitting from Boma a greater choice of target by bringing clumps of models within Reach for a Cleave attack. How? Ranked attacks means she can sling spells right through them! Otherwise her tricks come in handy for giving the admittedly slow Phalanx time to position for a charge.
pKaa- Unless you are a fan of the Bursar and his Sea Dogs, the Phalanx are oneof only a few units that will be available to him, as he has Animosity against Guildsmen models. for his part, Kaa has a choice of debuffs to improve the Phalanx's chances of hitting and can keep them around longer then their average stats would suggest with transfusion
eKaa- Truth be told they do not work well with this guy, but then, who does? He is a monster! Wire Explosion could be combined with Boma and Ranked Attacks to drag enemies onto waiting Sarissas, but it's probably not worth hitting your own men with a POW 10 magic attack to try.

11-29-2010, 04:57 PM
Just caught up on reading your stuff, and I love it! Very deep fluff, and well rounded units!

Joining in on the C&C train, let's talk about The Phalanxes!

When I first read th Phalanxes, something niggled at me, somewhere just below my skin. Then it hit me, this is a unit with a special order that isn't Shield Wall, which are pretty rare. In their PC, they suffer for it, so have slightly sub par CMD and ARM. Another thing that seemed missing is CMA, which would allow this unit to make a good dent in the enemy, especially considering Boma. 2 set's of CMA's on crunch turn would be pretty radical. Also as it stands, they will have a rough time hitting DEF 14 and up targets, which abound in many armies. Ranked attacks already make CMA an attractive ability on these fellows, so something to consider.

Also, Phalanxes, historically were devised to keep the enemy at bay, and fend off enemy cavalry. Sarissas in specific were very popular for this duty, so I would suggest adding an ability tailored against cavalry would help with making them feel unique. May I suggest Hard from the Fennblades?

Another idea would be to pull Boma off of the main unit, and add a UA which grants it, as well as some other benefits. Perhaps Magical weapon, to signify the UA granting their ancestral weapons a more damaging effect. Another effect to look at with this unit is Vengeance, as their fluff speaks to that sort of warrior tradition.

My recommended changes in bulleted fashion:

Plus 1 CMD
Possibly add Hard
Remove Boma from base unit, add another order, perhaps shield wall.
Create a UA which brings Boma back, as well as additional abilities, such as Vengeance.

What do you think?

simon sez
11-30-2010, 04:11 AM
This is as a result of Beowulf99's C&C, please see the Phalanx for more changes.

Phalanx Officer and Historian
While the will of the reemerging ranks of the Phalanx is strong, their understanding of their ancestral weapon is often rudimentary at best, with the skills that their forefathers were applauded for lost to history. Fortunately some enthusiastic individuals have always worked to keep the practice of handling a Sarissa alive, and now those same men coach their eager pupils in the proper execution of battlefield drill.
Assistance in this respect comes from the exhaustive records of the period kept in city libraries and private collections across Zu, a few scholars are so enarmoured of the tales within that they accompany the modern Phalanxes to get a taste of the glory days gone by, often referencing favored passages in their well-thumbed tomes in order to stir the mens spirits, or press them to fight harder for victory.
Phalanx Officer & Historian, Zuese Expeditionary Unit Attachment
SPD-5 STR-6 MAT-7 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-13 CMD-8
SPD-5 STR-6 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-13 CMD-7
FA- 1
Point Cost- 3
Base Size- Officer & Historian: Small
Damage- Officer's Damage: 5
Attachment [Phalanx] - This attachment can be added to a Phalanx unit.
Boma (Order) - For one round, each affected model gains Cleave while B2B with another affected model in its unit (When a model with Cleave destroys one or more enemy models with a melee attack during it's activation, immediately after the attack is resolved the model can make one additional melee attack. A model can gain only one additional attack from Cleave per activation).
Granted: Overtake- While this model is in play, models in this unit gain Overtake (When a model with Overtake destroys one or more enemy warrior models with a normal melee attack, after the attack is resolved that model can immediately advance up to 1").
Set Defense- A model in this model's front arc suffers -2 on charge, slam power attack, and impact attack rolls against this model.
Ranked Attacks- Friendly Faction models can ignore this model when determining LOS.
Annals of History (* Action) - Centre a 5" AOE on this model. When a model in this unit under the AOE performs either an initial attack, damage or command roll during it's activation, it can reroll the dice. Each die can only be rerolled once due to Annals of History.
Take Up- If this model is destroyed or removed from play, you can choose a Grunt in this unit within 1" of this model to take its place. Effects of this model expire, and it gains the effects on the chosen Grunt. Remove the Grunt from the table instead of this model. This model has the same number of unmarked damage boxes as the chosen Grunt.
Weapons [Officer]
Sarissa- POW: 5 P+S: 11

With this I am nearly halfway to my goal: Equaling the FOW: Retribution book for content (36 models/units) still a loooong way to go!

11-30-2010, 04:47 AM
RE: Phalanx UA

Boma will be interesting on a large unit with CMA and Reach - good old Waterfalling shenanigans. Add in Overtake and it's a whole new bag of fun.

Is Annals of History intended to allow each model to reroll the entire roll, or just one die? Either way, I'm not sold on it affecting both attack AND damage rolls.

simon sez
11-30-2010, 07:30 AM
@ Jaren- It is the entire roll, remember die is the plural, dice the singular. I also clarified (hopefully) Annals of History with the word "either" to show that it is one initial attack OR damage OR command roll per model per activation.

11-30-2010, 04:53 PM
That's still a lot of rerolls, but I suppose that's not too bad. I'd recommend raising the price of the UA accordingly though. You could also make Annals of history a *Action which targets anyone in his command range, then reduce his command to an abysmal number. He is a historian after all, why would he lead troops? Or just slap an AOE on it. 3" is pretty fair for an ability this strong.

11-30-2010, 05:01 PM
Balor Wallahs, I'd recommend adding Self Sacrifice to the Unit, like the Guildsman and Wallah unit above. Otherwise, that leader is looking at a swift death.

11-30-2010, 05:24 PM
That's still a lot of rerolls, but I suppose that's not too bad. I'd recommend raising the price of the UA accordingly though. You could also make Annals of history a *Action which targets anyone in his command range, then reduce his command to an abysmal number. He is a historian after all, why would he lead troops? Or just slap an AOE on it. 3" is pretty fair for an ability this strong.


Also... REALLY like the UA and the revised Phalanx. I would consider, with all that it offers and the cheap price of the base unit, raising the PC of the UA to 3. Again... consider. It would need some playtesting, but Overtake and Cleave together is DEADLY, even if they do have to stay in B2B to maximize it.

11-30-2010, 10:58 PM
remember die is the plural, dice the singular.

Other way around (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice), sir. 1 die, 537 dice. :)

Either way, it makes the unit a powerhouse with Cleave and Overtake becoming a LOT more likely. I agree with upping the cost to 3, and maybe making the effect an aura on the historian.

simon sez
12-01-2010, 08:17 AM
@ Jaren-
Other way around, sir. 1 die, 537 dice.. . . I could really use a facepalm smiley about now:o (The real worry is; just how long have I been getting that wrong?!)

Annals is now an AOE 5 Special Action and the UA costs 3pts. I gave it a high AOE because he isan unarmed model and 3" AOE radius IMO is just putting it at too much risk even with Take Up.

On the subject of Boma/Overtake, I've spotted a problem: Boma allows Cleave while in B2B, but Overtake means advancing out of B2B by up to 1", now does that movement disallow the second attack from Cleave because model A broke B2B with model B, or did the fact he resolved the attack in B2B then advance mean that Boma is still in effect? And what about model B, he has to wait for model A to perfrom its attacks (and potentially move up 2") before he can perform his initial attack and, if successful, move 1", at which point his action will end because he was not in B2B for his initial attack.

One possible solution to this I have come up with is to increase Boma from B2B to melee range, but that lessens vulnerability to Blasts and Tramples, which are preferable to engaging them in melee due to their rule combos. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

12-01-2010, 04:51 PM
I'd rule that since he completed the attack while b2b, he'd be allowed the second attack. Overtake states, "Immediately after resolving..." which means that the entire attack, including damage is applied before the move. Your in the clear. But only barely. ;)

I don't think it needs to be changed.

simon sez
12-02-2010, 08:51 AM
So model B will only benefit from Boma if model A does not break B2B with Overtake? I guess it makes for a more challenging combo when you have to make a choice between attack output or gaining ground.

By the way, here is my third and final Heavy warjack, the Colossus:

There has been much debate in academic circles as to where the exact point of divergence between Wallah and Colossus lies; in a purely technical sense the only true distinction is size, as a Colossus will tower over even the heavy Balor Wallahs, but to an observer marveling at the care for detail exhibited on these proud stone warriors, the differences as as clear as night and day.
Each Colossus is a work of art, standing some fifteen feet high every inch of them is intricately carved, including the three expressive faces that stare in every direction, respectively showing emotions of happiness, sadness and rage. When in a state of rest a Colossus will hold two of its arms, each clutching a massive stone scimitar, above its head with the two blades joining in a cresent, while the other open hands reach out to the sides in a gesture of greeting, or perhaps protection. The Colossi hold a place of reverence in Zuese culture equaled only by those who have witnessed the sheer destructive potential of an unleashed Biscione, and it is said that behind the throne of each Great City's ruler there stands a Colossus, it's Life Tablet specially etched to awaken only at the utterance of a secret phrase known only to it's owner.
Colossus, Zuese Expeditionary Heavy Warjack
SPD-4 STR-11 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-12 ARM-18 CMD—
Point Cost- 9
Base Size- Large
_ _OO_ _
Circular Vision- This model’s front arc extends to 360o
Weapons [Colossus]
Open Fist [2x] (Left & Right) - POW: 3 P+S: 14
Stone Blades [2x] (Left & Right) – POW: 6 P+: 17

Bringer Of The Void
12-02-2010, 11:03 PM
@simon sez
Awesome Conceptual Idea for the Colossus, very exotic and also very fearsome rolled in "One Package"...

I believe that You have drawn some Inspiration from the First Movie of "Tomb Raider" when Lara Croft faces the Main Giant Guardian of the Nepalese Temple, but with enough Original Touches from Your Part (after all the Iconography of East Asia is full of Demonic Visages on Large Totemic Statues)...

I don't remember if the Wallah Idea of Yours are "Classical Golems" with few moving parts, like the Circle Orboros Wolds, or more "Clockwork Mechanical" like Classical Warjacks; if this last is the Idea behind the Colossus, I have some Rough Sketches inspired from the Official Art of the Second CGI Anime-Movie of "Ghost in The Shell" (that feature Enormous "Carnival Robots" with Balinese Masks and Ceremonial Garb) that could be useful as a Graphical Conceptualization.....

12-02-2010, 11:11 PM
RE: Colossus

Looks great, but I'm not sure it's worth 9 pts. It would be with either more boxes or 1 (maybe 2) more ARM.

12-03-2010, 01:35 AM
18 ARM and you're looking at a 9 point jack. A damn good one too.


simon sez
12-03-2010, 07:04 AM
@ Jaren & IKI- I've nudged the ARM up a point to 18.

@ BotV- The Wallahs and Warjacks are more classical Golems, the basic Wallah and Biscione are reminiscent to the Sentry Stone Mannikins in that they are assembled from what materials are available when the Life Tablet is placed, the Balors and other 'jacks have a shell designed around the tablet which is animated by it, which makes them more Wold-like, though it's more of a defined form with little wood involved.

12-04-2010, 06:03 PM
@ Jaren & IKI- I've nudged the ARM up a point to 18.

@ BotV- The Wallahs and Warjacks are more classical Golems, the basic Wallah and Biscione are reminiscent to the Sentry Stone Mannikins in that they are assembled from what materials are available when the Life Tablet is placed, the Balors and other 'jacks have a shell designed around the tablet which is animated by it, which makes them more Wold-like, though it's more of a defined form with little wood involved.

Ahhh. That helps the visual picture quite a bit then. Makes them sound all the cooler, too! For some reason I am envisioning this paint scheme that is muddy green and dark pink, like it was ripped from the clay.

simon sez
12-06-2010, 04:12 AM
Pinkish, orangey clay is exactly what I had pictured for the Zuese soil, dark greens are always good for portraying nature, try neutral stone grays for spot colours as pieces of stone are gathered in the process.

Here are a couple more units, sans fluff at the moment as I'm a bit rushed. I thought that giving the Expedition both a light and heavy cavalry option would be a fun change from the regular factions, and they sort of encapsulate the divide in Zu between the technologically advanced city-folk and the rustic people on the plains. as always I eagerly await any and all C&C :)

The dedicated strike force of Zu's new model armies, the Ley Surfers are a novel approach to introducing a new dimension of conflict to warfare.
Stationed in barracks at strategic points along the thoroughfares and carriage lines that crisscross Zu in uncompromisingly straight lines, each squadron of surfers is charged with a duty of vigilance; scanning the horizons for signs of trouble such as rising smoke or dust. When their suspicions are raised each man or woman will take to their individually balanced hoverdiscs, round stone slabs carved with the same markings hat lift the ley carriages, using ley lines to ride the air on thermals of magical energy uninhibited by terrain.
Against an oncoming force of Ley Surfers there can be little defence; their Guild-crafted discs simply sail over defensive lines, and the mass of stone beneath they ride makes them immune to all but the strongest missiles, while they can observe the movements of their enemies with clarity through the porthole between their feet. When the time to answer the attack comes many surfers will trust the crushing power of gravity to end any conflict, though each member is also equipped with a fearsomely barbed thrusting spear known as an assegai.
Zuese Ley Surfers, Zuese Expeditionary Cavalry Unit
SPD-7 STR-6 MAT-6 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-17 CMD-8
FA- 1
Point Cost- Leader & 2 Grunts: 6 Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Base Size- Large
Damage- 8 each
Leader & Grunts
Flight- This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target.
Weapons [Leader & Grunts]
Assegai- POW: 5 P+S: 11
Mount- POW: 12

The roving bands of drop-outs and malcontents known in Zu as the Badmashes, the native word for Ruffians, have been causing mischief for decades. Homeless wanderers with no city or municipality to hold loyalty to, they fill their days strongarming whatever they want from hardworking locals and thieving from caravans destined for the cities through cunning, speed and the use of their xistera's; primitive weapons composed of a woven basket capable of pitching a hastily picked stone at deadly speed. Though they disdain their inherited duties as farmhands and fear the strength of the Guptas, Badmashes will sometime risk passing through the city walls to offer themselves as itinerant labour for those too poor or crooked to purchase Wallahs. It is likely by this method that so many unsightly characters wormed their way aboard the ships bound from Kamora to the New World.
Of all those seeking a fresh start in Immoren, it is without doubt the Badmashes who have settled the most easily; procuring horses by whatever shifty means, they have settled into the same old patterns; undaunted by local guards and dazzled by the Norths material wealth. Some of the more unscrupulous merchants have bartered their services to sabotage their competitors or scout for new treasures, but on the whole they remain as lawless and unrestrained as they were before
Badmash Harriers, Zuese Expeditionary Light Cavalry
SPD-8 STR-5 MAT-5 RAT-6 DEF-14 ARM-15 CMD-7
FA- 2
Point Cost- Leader & 2 Grunts: 7 Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Base Size- Large
Damage- 5 each
Leader & Grunts
Virtuoso- This model can make melee and ranged attacks during the same combat action. When this model makes its initial attacks, it can make both its initial ranged and melee attacks.
Weapons [Leader & Grunts]
Xistera- RNG: 8 ROF: 1 AOE: - POW: 6
Thrown- Add this model?s STR to the POW of this ranged attack.
Critical Beat Back- On a critical hit, immediately after a normal attack with this weapon is resolved during this models combat action, the enemy model hit can be pushed 1? directly away from the attacking model. After the enemy model is pushed, the attacking model can advance up to 1?.
Mount- POW: 10

12-06-2010, 05:16 AM
Flight on the Heavy Cav. makes for an interesting visual when imagining Impact Attacks. Do they land ON TOP of the impact target?
Speaking of Impact Attacks, flight makes them wierd - fail to kill the model? Just fly over it. In fact, unless the charge target is close enough to the impacted model, they HAVE to fly over it since you can't stop a Charge Move "just because".

The Lights have Virtuoso but only the Mount as a melee weapon?

12-06-2010, 04:59 PM
At least they're Light Cave so they can make Mount attacks anyway. You should add Assault to them so they can "Charge" and make ranged attacks a bit easier.

simon sez
12-07-2010, 04:00 AM
Removed Powerful Charge from the Surfers after rereading the cavalry charge rules.

@ Jaren-
Ley Surfers
That's right, they slam down on the enemy: SPLAT!
To give you more of a picture, this is what the surfers mount is based on:

Imagine the surfer tipping his mount up slightly and driving his Assegai through the hole.

Yep, they are more of a flanking/harrasment unit than head-on fighters. I have plans for a UA that will give them a knack for disrupting enemy lines. Virtuoso is a way, combined with crit: Beat Back, of keeping them effective when they're caught.

@ Beowulf99-
I'm not sure Assault would fit them for the reasons given above, also since the Assault ranged attack is not outside ROF you would only be left with the mount attack.

12-07-2010, 04:21 PM
What I'm saying is, they do not have Gunfighter. If they are eligible to make their Mount attack, they would not be able to make their ranged attack. Using Assault, they could do both, and I think it fits the image better, throwing the Xistera while simultaneously koopa stomping an enemy.

Or you could just add Gunfighter. ;)

Unless I'm mistaken, and Virtuoso also grants "gunfighter"...

simon sez
12-08-2010, 02:48 AM
Table of Contents
. 2nd Degree Architect Mbn Af-Wahl
... The Drunkard Mbn Af-Wahl (Epic)
. Kaa-fn-Toh
... Kaa-fn-Toh, Demon of Strings (Epic)
. Abhraim, the Cerberus
. Supreme Paramour Alelsuesse
... Alelsuesse, Goddess of the New World (Epic)
. Okkokeboke, Silver Bolt
. Ihnohaim
. Alphyn (Light)
. Basilisk (Light)
. Martlet (Light)
. Biscione (Heavy)
. Catoblepas (Heavy)
. Colossus (Heavy)
. Dralion (Character Heavy)
Battle Engines
. Effigy of Conquest
. Arbalesters
... Brazier (WA)
. Badmash Harriers
... Headman (UA)
. Balor Wallahs
. Bound
... Heavy Bound (WA)
. The Brothers Zhin (Character)
. Guptas
... Marshal (UA)
. Ley Surfers
. Ley Configuration Crew
. Phalanx
... Phalanx Officer & Historian (UA)
. Wallahs
. Architect
. Bursar
. Collaborator
. Concubine
. Habeebah (Character)
. No-Man
. Pit Fighter
. Three Towers (Character)
. Trailblazer

12-08-2010, 02:51 AM
Still loving this army and still amazed that you can keep up this level of output! I'm almost 2 weeks behind in posting my promised Epic 'caster; and that's ONE model!

Bringer Of The Void
12-08-2010, 03:20 AM
@Simon Sez
The Idea of "Koku Coins Surfers" is excellent and I believe that could be represented with a very Action-Oriented Image...

I just don't get the "Visual Concept" of Okkeboke "The Silver Bolt" as Ethnically Defined; I continue to imagine him as a venerable Zulu Warrior, with shiny bald head and a large grey beard, with "simple" Weapons and Gears made of Hide, Leather and Horn, but I fear that You wanted for him a more "Sophisticated Culture" Appearance...

I'm concocting something for the Zuese "Golem Jacks" that is both "Idea Linked" to Orboros Wolds, but still retain Originality of Concept Art.....

12-08-2010, 07:53 PM
I love this army more and more with each post. Keep the dream alive.

simon sez
12-09-2010, 03:18 AM
@ Jaren- Well the simple fact is I have time on my hands, I work flexible hours and my next studies course doesn't not begin until late January. Also I carry a little notebook that I can jot ideas in (Just so I don't sound OTT about this, I didn't get the notebook for this, I just have an awful memory :D)

@ BotV- almost, not quite. The ethnicity of Zuese peoples are South Asian, but you were dead on with the venerabilty and the strong beard. Here's a good idea of what I'm getting at
As for Mercury I pictured it being very similar to Donnie Yen's spear in the movie Hero.

@IKI- Thanks, I'll try!

Bringer Of The Void
12-09-2010, 02:45 PM
O.K. so now I have the "Mental Image" of a Hindi-Sikh Weaponmaster with a Chinese Kung-Fu Spear...

Interesting concepts that could easily generate a very cool illustration.....

simon sez
12-10-2010, 07:22 AM
Among the high-flying, risk-taking fraternity that is the Ley Surfers, it takes a truly exceptional individual to make themself a figure of renown. Habeebah is just such an individual.
Never happier than when performing some rediculously dangerous stunt for nothing more than her own exhilaration or hurtling down on a fleeing bandit from up in the heavens, indeed such is her fondnance for pushing the envelope that many sandstone hoverdiscs have been smashed beneath her, pushing exacberated guildsmen to chisel for her a one-of-a-kind marble one, which she has fondly nicknamed Cats Eye for its greenish tint.
Habeebah is something of a pop culture icon among the young women of Zu's cities; with engravings and scrolls depicting an exaggerated account of her adventures being a hot commodity in the more discerning bazaars. What brings her to the New World is unknown to all but her closest friends, but it is assumed that she is here simply looking for a good time.
Habeebah, Zuese Expeditionary Cavalry Character Solo
SPD-7 STR-5 MAT-7 RAT-4 DEF-13 ARM-17 CMD-9
Point Cost- 4
Base Size- Large
Damage- 10
Flight- This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target.
Elite Cadre [Ley Surfers] - Friendly Ley Surfer models gain Line Breaker.
Daredevil- This model gains Fearless during an activation in which it ran or charged during its normal movement. Fleeing models do not benefit from Daredevil.
Line Breaker- This model gains an additional die on impact attack rolls.
Weapons [Habeebah]
Assegai- POW: 5 P+S: 11
Cat's Eye (Mount) - POW: 12