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01-16-2011, 10:43 PM
Now Phantom Seeker is an evil ability which ignores cover, concealment and intervening models, basically anything between its target and itself be it Jack, tree, cloud effect or even a castle wall.
However it does not ignore Stealth

Prowl is an ability that when you are in concealment you will benefit from Stealth. My understanding of it is this trumps Phantom Seeker as you need to be in concealment not necessarily benefiting from concealment.

This leads to a question normally a model in a forest or cloud effect is in concealment thus Prowl is active and Stealth.

However what about if a model is in cover does this default to concealment and provide Stealth or should my Prowling models avoid walls and trenches and find forests and clouds.

Also what happens to a model behind terrain normally blocking line of sight (a massive wall) which would provide cover?
Even more valid behind terrain blocking LOS which would normally provide concealment (eg behind a forest or cloud effect)?
Does being behind concealing terrain thus out of LOS but this being ignored make me a big obvious target or....
Does being behind that terrain default to concealment and grant Prowl and Stealth.

Plainly put are the B13 full strength safe inside a forest with Prowl from Phantom Seeking shots more than 5" away...
but then
Vulnerable to those same shots firing through the entire forest when they are just on its opposite side thus NOT in concealing terrain (no Prowl) but out of LOS (ignored by Phantom Seeker).

This is a question of much greater consequence when applied to the cloud effects of the Trenchers and Gorman di Wulfe. Do Prowling units have to always be inside the effect to benefit from the concealment and the Stealth when avoiding enemies which simply ignore all LOS.

01-16-2011, 11:06 PM
Concealment is a specific game term and is NOT the same as cover. Cover does not trigger Prowl.
A model has to be in a forest or cloud effect to gain concealment, it says so right in the rules for cloud effects and forests.
Concealing terrain does not block Line of Sight.
Prowl states that the model has to be inside the terrain that grants concealment, in the AOE of a spell that grants concealment or in the AOE of a cloud effect. SO being outside of those effects will not trigger Prowl.
Also rules for the rules forum state to please not use initials when referring to models.
B13 is something you call out in BINGO, not The Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team.

01-17-2011, 02:40 AM
But that does then present the unusual circumstance that a model behind a cloud effect which would normally prevent LOS is now more vulnerable and less "hidden" than that same model inside the cloud effect one would postulate that the 'xx' feet of cloud which provides concealment would still hide a now visible model on its far side in a similar fashion.

I am not arguing the rule, I understand and wished to confirm it. I also understand why it is phrased and designed that way to prevent massive and endless ambiguities at the cost of very rare occurrence of an incongruity resulting from exceptional circumstance involving 3 or more rare effects/abilities meeting at a nexus point.

Still given I am trying to make that event happen thought I'd better check before the argument started at the table. Sort of a pre-rules check confirmation.

Thank you.