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02-09-2011, 05:39 AM
I have some questions about rules...
I have doubt about the numbers of UA or WA that can be included in a single army... since it seems that every McThralls unit can use up to three Brute Thralls:

1) When a UA has a FA, this represent the global number of the same model that can be included in the same list, or the number of the same model that can be included in the same unit? For example, the Satyx Sea Witch have FA 1: this imply that I can include only one Satyx Sea Witch in the whole army, or that I can include one Satyx Sea Witch every Satyx Raiders unit i play?

Withershadow Combine fascinated me since when they first approached to the battlefield. In MkII, they lost their ghostlyplus ability to have only stealth; but they costs 5 PA. I don't want to enter the mind to the game designers, but I don't think they definitively worth that cost. This because they can often be killed by a troop with the same cost; their Dark Industries ability it's a devastating ability, but nearly impossible to trigger if you are not already winning a game. If you are able to box a 7+ PA heavy warjack with the WC (having all of them in the field!), you already had gain a significative advantage. Yes, they have other marginal skill to use, but nothing seems as effective as this to worth 5 points.
So, I have a pair of doubts abouts them...

2) When Admonia uses her unbind spell, the 1d3 damage that she does is applied on the spell target, or on the spell controllor warcaster/model?
3) Again Withershadow Combine: souls that they harvest can be used to gain additional attacks. This attacks can be magical attacks? For example, while I cast Dark Fire on living models, I harvest their souls; can I spend that souls to target other living models with Dark Fire? Or using the puppet master ability of Tremolous multiple time in the same turn, because it becomes an attack when casted on enemy models?

The Satyx Captain is one of our best profiles; assuming that, I read on No Quarter that even Skarre benefits of their skill "no sleeping on the job", taking them to the top 3 solos of Cryx!

4) About the ability "no sleeping on the job" of Satyx Raiders Sea Witch: it have effect on Skaerre, Epica Skarre, or the Satyx Blood Witches?

I found the Push special attack quite useful in some situation: to free a charge lane, or simply to get an arconde out of melee. This attack requires 1 focus, and it can be worth the loss of focus spend; but it seems that I always need a Strength Roll agains my enemy, and this is something that can often let me lose 1 focus to do absolutely nothing, and even lose the warjack activation. So...
5) When a warjack spend a focus to make a Push special attack, must do a Strength Roll against the target?
Thank you for the help.

02-09-2011, 05:42 AM
1) In the army, not per unit.

2) To the caster

3) No, they are *attacks and actions respectively and are limited to one per turn.

4) Yes

5) Yes

02-09-2011, 06:01 AM
1) In the army, not per unit.Actually, that's per 'caster/'lock per side. FA: 1 means you can have one of it per warcaster/warlock in your army.

02-09-2011, 06:35 AM
Field allowance (FA) is the maximum number of models or units of a given type that can be included for each warcaster in an army.

No emphasis of mine in this one, chris. In your example, the limit is 1 globally per warcaster. In a normal game with only one warcaster, you could only have one Sea Witch. If you're playing a larger game with more than one warcaster, you can have one Sea Witch for every warcaster.

Enemy upkeep spells on models/units within 5˝ of this model expire. Models suffer d3 damage points for each of those spells they controlled.

The damaged is applied to the controller of the spell which would be the warcaster that is upkeeping it.

A model can make one special attack by choosing that option during its combat action if it meets the specific requirements of the attack

A model can make a special action instead of attacking as its action if it meets the requirements for the special action’s use.

In both cases, you can only do it once per turn. That is, only one or the other, not one of each. After a *Attack the model can still make other normal attacks if it has a way to gain them (i.e. spending soul tokens), but a *Action uses your entire action and nothing else can be done.

No Sleeping on the Job [xyz] will effect any model with xyz in their description. In this case, anybody who is a sea witch model will benefit from it.

Both models roll a d6 and add their STR. If the defender’s total is greater, it resists being pushed. If the attacker’s total equals or exceeds the defender’s, the defending model is pushed 1˝ directly away from the attacker.

That's just the way the game is. You always risk failing the STR check and losing the focus you paid.

02-09-2011, 10:28 AM
Also, this quote is contained in the guidelines for use of the rules forum:

And please ask only 1 question per thread unless the questions are closely related ("my model has effect XY. Can it do A? Can it do B?"). This makes searching easier and keeps discussions from derailing.

Just an FYI.

02-09-2011, 10:33 AM
Since he specifically brought up the Brutes:

They have FA:3, but each FA "slot" can be 1-3 Brutes, so you CAN have 3 units of Mechanithralls, and 3 Brutes in each unit accompany them.

02-09-2011, 10:58 AM
Withershadow Combine (...) Yes, they have other marginal skill to use, but nothing seems as effective as this to worth 5 points. The "marginal" skills are why you bring them, not Dark Industries or killing potential.

Minor things:
* Stealth is always nice.
* Terror sometimes has an effect.
* Soul taker gives you an edge once in a blue moon.

Medium things:
* Dark Fire is a nice ranged attack in an army that has precious little of that.
* Dark Industries is incredible when it works, but don't count on it.

Incredible things:
* Unbinding... forget the damage, you get to remove buffs and debuffs (very important).
* Puppet Master... saves you a Focus for boosting, or makes Slaughterborn 10 times more dangerous, or makes any number of abilities a lot more reliable. This is an incredible ability.
* Black Arts... a free upkeep! One extra focus is incredible, allowing for a boosted spell when it counts the most.

5 points is just right for them.