View Full Version : Cluster of Animus-as-spell questions

03-28-2011, 11:39 AM
These are 'sort of' the same question to a point...basicly it's 'how much of a spell is an animus for a warlock?'

first is about abilities like Geomancy, Marketh's Spell Slave action...can they use an Animus of a friendly warbeast in the warlock's control area as a spell on the warlock's list?

Second, channeling spells...can a warlock with the ability to channel (Vayl, Hexaris, etc) channel an animus through their channelers?

And thirdly, does E-ryss remove a cast-as-spell animus on a target, such as Typhon's excessive healing on a warlock?

03-28-2011, 11:45 AM
First Question: No, they can't, the Warlock can cast an animus as a spell but it is not one of his Spells.
Second Question: Animi can be channeled like normal spells (so they can be channeled if the Animus ain't got range self)
Third Question: Animi cast by a Warlock are considered to be Animus and Spell. So the "Animi on the target expire"-Part of Eiryss kicks in and the Animus is removed.