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07-09-2011, 11:42 AM
THe first question is if i have a unit that is in mellee with an enemy model, and im using scaverous as my warcaster. Can i T.K my own model out of the combat without having to make the magic attack role, seeing as how its only an offensive spell when cast on enemy models.

I say yes cause like it says its only offensive when targeting an enemy model, which means regardless of it being in mellee my own model isnt going to try and avoid the spell.
My opponent says becuase its now in mellee you have to make the attack role with the -4 to hit debuff.

The other question is about eskarres admonition. THe spell reads when an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6" of target model in this models battelgroup, the affect model can immediately advance up to 3 inches.

So my question is since it says i can move not have to move upto 3 inches, to me this means i can wait till the entire unit of infantry has charged before triggering admonition and moving out of mellee range. My freind says i have to trigger admonition after the first model moves within the 6", then allowing the rest of his unit to charge accordingly and wreck my jack.

07-09-2011, 11:46 AM
Telekinesis is not an offensive spell when cast on a friendly model, so it does not require a magic attack roll. Therefore, being in melee doesn't matter.

Admonition triggers on a per model basis. So you can use it when the first, second, last, or any other model in a unit finishes its movement within the required range. You are not required to use it at any point, actually--you can decide when and if to use it.

Also, in the future, please keep it to one question per thread.

Llaelese Freedom Fighter
07-09-2011, 11:06 PM
Follow up question: I am charging a unit of 6 guys, A-F, into a jack with Admonition on it. Does the controller of the jack make the decision to trigger admonition after each model has moved? Is this what happens:

Model A charges jack.
Chooses not to trigger Admonition.
Model B charges jack.
Chooses not to trigger Admonition.
Model C charges jack.
Chooses not to trigger Admonition.
Model D charges jack.
Chooses not to trigger Admonition.
Model E charges jack.
Chooses not to trigger Admonition.
Model F moves (either a run or charges something else) so that it ends it's movement not within range to trigger Admonition.
Then the jack is stuck in melee and can move out.

That's what it seem like. This particular situation hasn't come up in any of my games so I hadn't really thought about it before.

07-09-2011, 11:15 PM
Correct. As Valandar said, it is a per model basis. So the model with Admonition can let the first couple get in and then realize the cage closing on them and trigger on a later model. Or just choose to not trigger it at all. Choice on a per model basis.