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08-14-2011, 01:31 AM
Hello again fellow players. I need help to understand how it works to cast spells and focus. As I understand it when you cast a spell it use currrent focus +2d6 (if not boosted then it gets higher). But let say I use Stryker (6 focus) who cast a spell (costing 2 focus points) those that then meen that my first spell is casted with 6+2d6 and if I want to cast a second spell it will be 4+2d6 because my first spell costed 2? Or will I always cast magic on my basic focus that is 6 (and +2d6)?

Because if I understand the rules then it will be very hard for a warcaster to cast spells as he also want to give focus to his warjacks, meening he will in the end cast on 2+2d6 or something similiar.

Please help me understand excacly how it works with casting spells.

08-14-2011, 01:37 AM
Casting a spell uses the current FOC stat, which is unchanged by focus expenditure, when making attack rolls. It does not use the current number of focus points on the caster.

So, Stryker casting Earthquake will always use 6 + 2D6 to see if he hits his target with the spell.

Some effects (like Deneghra's feat the Withering) can reduce a casters FOC stat, which would affect how well the caster can hit with spells.

EDIT: It also almost sounds like you're under the impression that casting any spell needs a roll of FOC+2D6. This is not the case: casting a non-offensive spell (such as Stryker's Snipe) does not require a roll. Only offensive spells (those with an X in the OFF field of their description) require a roll, typically an attack roll, which is FOC + 2D6.

08-14-2011, 02:41 AM
Thanks for helping me to understand. Know it seems easier to cast spells which I think is much better. Thanks :)