View Full Version : Assault Kommando Strangle Gas Grenades

11-12-2011, 06:16 AM
The wording on these grenades leads me to think that the AOE that is created once they hit their target will move with the target (i.e. if you miss the target you do not roll for deviation and the AOE is not created) if they move during their movement turn. Is this correct or does the AOE become a stationary effect that the target can move out of, thus negating the -2 attack debuff during their attack phase?

I ask because this would be a great tactic for the Assault Kommandos to fire the gas grenades onto fellow Kommandos during their "Assault and Battery" order and then charge into base to base contact with the enemy. By firing them at your own troops from the rear arc you gain the +2 to hit making it a better chance to hit and bring the effect into play. You then move to the enemy bringing the effect to them gaining the same benefit as if you had fired it at them and hit.

This would make the Assault Kommandos a more tempting unit to take in my eyes especially since I usually us Strakhov as my primary Warcaster.

11-12-2011, 07:19 AM
No it does not stay on the model, if it did the rule would say something like "the aoe remains centered on the model", this is the text from Belphagors animus which does stay on the model even if it moves.