View Full Version : Noob focus question +Siege questions

11-23-2011, 12:09 PM
Ok really new player here asking, played my first game today and following questions arouse.

1. Is current FOCUS = FOCUS stat or the number of FOCUS tokens on my caster?
ex Siege uses Force Hammer to slam a Warjack. Does he use his FOCUS Stat (6) or his current FOCUS at the moment (this case 2) to make his attack roll?

2. Siege Rift spell: when cast does it require any roll to hit any targets in the AOE or are all hit automatically?
2b. Does rift need any target to be used or can it be placed anywhere within its range?
2c. Does it deviate if it misses?

11-23-2011, 12:24 PM
1. When making a magic attack roll, you use a warcasters FOC stat, not the current number of focus points on them

2. Rift is an attack spell with an AOE stat. It requires a target to cast. An attack roll is made against this target. If the attack hits, then the target is directly hit and all other models under the AOE are hit by the attack. If the attack misses, or the target is out of range, then the AOE will deviate as normal for AOE attacks and hit all models that are under the AOE after it deviates. Whether it hits or misses, the AOE will leave a rough terrain effect as per the spells text.