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11-25-2011, 10:27 AM

Visgoth is in a BG with eSeverius and Blessing of Vengeance, an arcnode.

eSeverius wants to Reign of Fire all over Eiryss, but currently cant see her because she has Stealth.

Does Visgoth
A: Cast Menoth's sight on eSeverius so he can see Eiryss and use an arcnode to be close enough to blast her with the Reign of Fire.
B: Cast Menoth's sight on Blessing of Vengeance so the arcnode can see Eiryss so eSeverius can blast her with a Reign of Fire
C: Either one would work.

There was a previous ruling about arcnodes with eyeless sight granting the warcaster this trait when using the arcnode. So that makes sense, but it makes more sense to allow the warcaster to see Stealth. It occurs to me that both might be valid options.


11-25-2011, 10:55 AM
Cast it on Severius, as he is the one making the attack. It won't be necessary if you can get the arc node within 5" of Eiryss, but otherwise it needs to be on Severius for him to ignore the Stealth.

Dawnlord Ed
11-25-2011, 11:05 AM
And Eyeless Sight on the node does not confer it on the caster. It means the node can draw LOS to the target when it could not otherwise. Since the node is the only part of the equation that requires LOS, it doesn't effect the caster.

11-25-2011, 11:12 AM
When you make an attack, there are two major factors at play;
1) targeting and LoS,
2) the actual attack rolls.

Some rules affect one, but not the other, or have different rules that effect both. When it comes to channeling, the model casting the spell is still the attacker, and is still making the attack rolls, but the arc node/channeler is the point of origin, where LoS is coming from.

In the case of stealth, it effects LoS in that you can ignore the model for LoS if you're far enough away. It also affects attack rolls in that attacks from outside a certain range automatically miss. A rule like eyeless sight or Menoth's Sight, which allows you to ignore stealth would have a different effect depending on what you put it on. If you put it on an arc node, it would no longer be able to ignore the stealth model for LoS, but the model making the attack roll (severius in this case) would still miss. If you put the spell on severius, however, you are now ignoring the auto-miss effect of stealth, since severius is the one making the attack.

Unless I'm missing a caveat somewhere (not holding the rules infront of me atm), putting Menoth's Sight on severius would allow him to hit stealth targets, but would allow him to still ignore them for LoS if he arcs them through a node that isn't ignoring stealth. So you get the best of both. So you could specifically target and pick out a UA or something from a stealth unit, since you can hit them ignoring the auto-miss, but you're still able to ignore intervening stealth models for LoS. I think.