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11-25-2011, 07:12 PM
The scenario: Thagrosh vs [any troll warlock fielding Mulg]. Thagrosh's spell "Bad Blood" is an Offensive and Upkeep spell that states that any time a warlock leaches fury from an affected warbeast, that warlock takes a point of damage. Mulg's ability "Protective Fit" states that any time his controlling warlock takes damage from an enemy attack, Mulg can make a full advance toward and an attack on the the model that made the attack.

Turn X, Thagrosh casts Bad Blood onto a Troll warbeast that has 2 Fury on it. Next turn, Troll warlock leaches those two Fury points from that warbeast, and takes damage. This generates 2 questions.

1. Does Mulg's Protective Fit trigger from this damage? Locally, we think Yes, because the damage is an affect of an enemy offensive spell, and is thus considered an enemy attack. Just want to be sure. We know that damage from feats (Old Witch, Harbinger) is not considered an enemy attack and does not trigger protective fit. But this is generated initially by an offensive spell from the enemy warlock.

2. Assuming Protective Fit does activate, does the warlock in question take two SEPERATE damage points, and thus trigger Protective Fit TWICE?

I didn't use the Protective Fit in the game this happened, as it didn't make a difference in the outcome, but for future reference, wanted to be sure there was a clear and accepted interpretation.

11-25-2011, 07:20 PM
Bad Blood does not itself cause damage (it is Offensive:Yes, which only means it requires a magic attack roll). Damage due to being under the effects of Bad Blood is, likewise, not​ damage from an enemy attack.

11-28-2011, 05:58 AM
For the record, you leach one or more fury as you want from a Warbeast all at once, so (provided it did trigger, which it doesn't) the opposing lock would only take 1 point of damage, once.