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01-17-2012, 05:05 PM
So, a few questions for you.

1.A - Can a (for instance) Blackclad Wayfarer charge a target, succed with the charge (getting into 2" reach of the target) and make his Stone Spray (*Attack)?
1.B - Does it get chargeboost?
1.C - Can he always use it despite beeing engaged in melee with someone?

2.A - If lord of the Feast makes a succesful charge against a target (belonging to a unit) with "Set Defence" (whole unit has Set Defence) (-2 to hit with charge attacks), does the LotF's Blood Reaper get boosted (because of charge) against all targets in melee?
2.B - Does he suffer -2 to hit because of Set Defence against all targets in the unit (since the attack is a "Charge attack" that just happens to hit everyone)
2.C - Please clarify; Can LotF with 3 Heart Tokes buy ONE attack that he BOOSTS to hit and BOOSTS to damage? (using up his 3 Heart Tokens)

3.A - A Gnarlhorn tramples over 4 small based models, killing them all. He and the casualties are within 14" of Kromac and triggers Warpath.
When can the gnarlhorn himself use the 3" extra move? At the end of the trample or right after the models died efectively giving the Gnarlhorn a 3" extra trample?

Cheers, hope someone can clear these questions for me!

01-17-2012, 05:19 PM
0. Welcome. We prefer that you ask only one question (or closely related) per thread, as it makes searching easier.

1. A: No. If you charge, you can only make melee attacks, or Special Attacks on a melee weapon. The Stone Spray is not on a melee weapons, and does not specifically allow an exception.
1.B. Not applicable.
1.C. Being engaged does not prevent it.

2.A. No, the charge bonus is only applied to the declared, target model. (Similar to Thresher)
2.B. Only the original, declared model is charged, so only the first attack suffers the penalty. Other models would not benefit from Set Defense.
2.C. Yes.

3.A. The extra move would not count as a trample; it would not give any more attacks, it is just a 3" advance.

01-17-2012, 05:28 PM
First, one question per thread. It makes it easier for future users to search for answers.

1A - Only if Stone Spray is a melee special attack, or specifically says it can be used on the charge.
1B - Only if Stone Spray is a melee special attack, or specifically says it can be used on the charge.
1C - Only if Stone Spray is a melee special attack or a magic special attack.

2 - I'm assuming Lord of the Feasts is making a "Thresher" attack?
2A - You only get the charge bonus against your charge target.
2B - Unsure. Good question.
2C - Unsure. I haven't used heart tokens.

3 - If warpath triggers on enemy casualties, you can only use it after all trample attacks are resolved (because they are simultaneous).

Is warpath a "may immediately advance 3inches" or "friendly models gain +3inches "?
If the former, then the 3" is not a trample move.
If the later, I'm pretty sure the Gnarlhorn can't benefit from it, because he has already started his combat action.

01-18-2012, 04:47 AM
Sorry guys, didn't know the one question per thread-thingy. Will abide by the rules next time. :)

Thanks for the crystal clear answers. I actually thought the spray was a ranged attack untill i re-read it yesterday and then came up with these questions.