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01-30-2012, 03:11 PM
hello. i am getting back into the game after a long vacation. I left when it was mainly steam man with everyone playing hordes of troops. I have always played khador and love the huge mechs and massive metal. sorry i degress.

we just had intervening model rule querry. the person in defense said a pressganger played it this way and i was interested enough to seek more help.

we have a warcaster model (does not matter who \) about 8" away from a unit. there is a interviening model between the two. So WC= A, interviening = B, target unit = C

> pg. 43 INTERVENING MODEL : if you can draw any straight line between the bases of two models that crosses over any part of the base of a third model, the third model is a intervening model.

this says to me that any part of A, drawn to any part of C that passes over a part of B provides intervening model cover. not just one line, the one you are using to see the target. I even attempted to explain that if you can choose just one point from a model to the target model, then how can you ever get intervening.

we eventually just rolled a D6 with even me and odd him. But after that i decided to get more information.

**** the second part ::: Kommander Sorscha's ability: Icy Gaze ( Enermy models without immunity cold currently in sorcha's control area and LOS become stationary for one round. Is this a condition, and can you burn focus to have a Warjack ignore it or shake it off.

<<< i actually looked in the rules and i think the guy who bespoke that rule misread it ???? i just got back and he was not doing to well when i was asking questions as the game has gone through like 2 revisions. maybe one. i think he took the word resolve to mean remove. they are close. looking at that section of the player turn pg 42 warmachyne mk2

in the control phase i see nothing where it says they can spend focus to remove affects. nor in the activation phase. So except in some type of special rule to remove the affect of skorchas ability. i see no way he should have been able to remove it. any information on this would be nice.

01-30-2012, 03:19 PM
0. One question per thread, please, in the future. It makes searching easier.

1. Intervening models: Not sure what your question is here. If any line crosses over a model between two other models, it is an intervening model. Note, though, that there is no inherent penalty/bonus for having intervening models, though some abilities specifically mention the term, which is why it's defined.

2. Warcasters and Warjacks can "Shake Effect" to remove Knocked Down and/or Stationary in the Control Phase. See p. 73 and p. 75 in Prime. Warlocks and warbeasts can do similar shaking, as covered in relevant sections in Primal. Note that only those effects can be shaken, not just any effect.