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So what does appropriate behavior mean?

It means behaving in a manner that is suitable for a public gathering, respecting the other members of the forums, and treating others as you would wish to be treated. Members are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to show mutual respect, maturity, and common sense.

It should also be remembered that the forums are not a dating forum or a personal want-ad section.

What kinds of behavior are prohibited?

Here are some examples of prohibited behavior on the forums:

· Personal insults against another member, including the use of words such as "retarded" as a pejorative

· Racial, sexist or religious discussion, imagery, insults, or “humor,” including any references to sexual assault

· Profanity

· Pornographic images or links

· Inflammatory behavior

· Deliberate attempts to circumvent profanity filters

· Registering under multiple accounts

· Excessive spamming

· Overtly political discussion or images

· Discussion or images related to controversial topical issues such as abortion and gay marriage

What is a Moderator? What do they do?

A moderator is a Privateer Press staff member or a community member chosen to help ensure the smooth running of the forums. They are assisted on the technical side by a team of administrators.

A forum moderator:

· Performs administration tasks to keep forums running smoothly.

· Answers questions and queries from members regarding forum issues.

· Counsels members if necessary regarding inappropriate behavior and works to change attitudes so the forums are an enjoyable place for all.

· Reacts to complaints and investigates them, taking action if necessary.

· Keeps discussions on topic if they begin to stray, or locks or moves them as required.

The role of moderators is all about communication. Moderators are not here to wave a big stick, although they do carry one. They are here to ensure the smooth running of the forums, recognize and encourage the diversity of its membership, and foster a community spirit in which opinions can be freely and respectfully exchanged. That said, they will not let the bad behavior of the minority have an adverse effect on the enjoyment of the majority.

Before posting consider the following:

Just observe the same sort of rules you would in society, show a little maturity and thought as to your post content, and think twice before you hit the submit button.

Consider the following before posting:

• Is this appropriate for a forum that is accessed by all ages?

• Is this confrontational and likely to cause the escalation of a flame war?

• Does it contribute something to the forums as a whole?

What happens if I make an inappropriate post?

If you should type something and after doing so, you think “that doesn't sound too good,” you can edit your post by clicking on the Edit button on the top right of the post. If you do not and the moderating team feels that the post warrants action, they will do one of the following:

· Message you and ask that you edit the post and explain why.

· Edit it themselves and message you a polite reminder and explanation.

· Delete the post and message you to explain why.

They may also, if they feel it is warranted, increase your warning level and impose additional restrictions on your posting.

What is this "Warning Level"?

Under your name and avatar you will see a warning level indicator. You will only be able to see your own but everyone has one. Admins and Forum Moderators are able to view everyone's warning level. Should you breach forum guidelines and it is determined a “formal” warning is required, your warning level will increase and you will be notified of the reasons why. If it is necessary for an individual to receive multiple warning increases, he or she can be subject to further action such as:

· Being placed on moderator preview for a period of time

· Having your posting privileges temporarily suspended

· Having your account closed

Why did my post get deleted?

When a post is reported by a user, it is up to the moderation team’s discretion whether it is left alone, edited, or deleted. Below are some of the reasons a moderator may edit or delete a post:

• The post contains a direct Terms of Service violation

• The content of the post was a topic prohibited on the forums

• The post contained a direct insult or attack toward a member of the community

• The post voiced a disruptive level of negativity through nonconstructive criticism, catastrophizing, misinformation, baseless speculation, or other inflammatory content that doesn’t contribute positively to the conversation.

• The post was a response to a deleted post

• The post was off-topic

Moderators can delete a post with or without notice to the user. Should the moderator provide their reasoning for deleting a post, the user must direct any further questions to the Lead Admin (PPS_Valerie.) Failure to follow this procedure can result in further corrective action.

What do I do if I have made a double post or want my post removed?

Send a PM to a Moderator or Admin or email explaining why you would like the post removed and it will be taken care of.

What do I do if I come across a post that offends me, or I feel is inappropriate for the forums?

If there is a post you feel is questionable or offensive you can report it to the Moderating Team by clicking on the Report button in the bottom left corner of a post. Please include an explanation. The moderators will review the post and take any action they deem necessary. Please do not reply directly to the post, as this my inflame the situation further, leave it for the Moderators to deal with.

I am new to posting in online forums, is there anything I should know?

There are several things that are often considered to form acceptable 'netiquette' and polite net manners. Some things that should be avoided:

• Posting in all capitals (this is considered to indicate shouting and is considered rude).

• Excessive use of abbreviated language. For example; "UR" instead of "you are".

• Lack of punctuation or sentence structure - this makes posts hard for others to read.

Excessive or inappropriate use of these in a post may lead to you receiving a request to edit your post.

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